Affion Crockett is a famous comedian and actor from America who is best known for his appearance in HBO's Def Comedy Jam in 1996. He started his professional career in 1995 and is still active in the entertainment industry. Throughout his career, Affion has gained huge fame throughout his career because of his talent and the ability to justify every character he portrays.

Besides, his career as a comedian has also reached a peak of success. His impressions and physical comedy have been impressing a lot of audiences, making him famous as both comedian and actor. Furthermore, he is also a producer of his own show titled In the Flow with Affion Crockett which airs on Fox Channel. Moreover, the artist also worked as a host for a TV Series on BET+.

Affion Crockett

How Old Is Affion Crockett?

Affion Crockett was born on August 12, 1974, so the actor is currently 49 years old. Besides, the comedian's birthplace is Fayetteville, NC, USA. Moreover, his zodiac sign is Leo, but the actor's blood group remains unrevealed. Talking about his educational qualification, he graduated with a bachelor's in business from Fayetteville State University.

However, we do not have any clue regarding the school or high school that the comedian attended. Nevertheless, looking at his educational background, we can assume that Affion did not ever think of getting involved in the entertainment industry. Instead, he wanted to be a businessman but suddenly became a comedian and actor.

Who is Affion Crockett Wife?

Affion Crockett remains unmarried until now, which means that the actor-comedian does not have a wife. Furthermore, he has also not talked openly about his love life and relationship status. Therefore, we also have no clue whether the comedian is in any relationship or affair. Moreover, he has also not let himself into any controversies related to relationships and affairs.

Affion Crockett

Does Affion Have a Sister?

Affion is not the only child of his parents as the actor also has a sister. This statement can be confirmed by a Facebook post that Affion dedicated to her sister on March 4, 2015. He made the post on his sister's birthday, and the actor has expressed how much he loves her sister. Unfortunately, his sister's name remains unrevealed until now.

Besides, his mother's name is Janis Martina (Brown) and his father's name is Leslie Scott Crockett. Also, we know that his father hails from an African-American background and his mother comes from a Trinidadian background. Moreover, he stated that his maternal grandfather had Chinese roots. Therefore, we know that Affion is a multi-ethnic person.

What Movies and TV Shows Has Affion Appeared in?

Affion is a professional actor, which means that there is no doubt regarding his appearances in the movies and TV Shows. We can see the artist justifying several characters in various projects with full dedication and hard work. That is the absolute reason behind Crockett becoming one of the leading actors in the entertainment industry.

Other than appearing in TV Shows and Movies, Affion has also appeared in a couple of Documentaries and gave his voice to several video games. Furthermore, he is also a rapper, dancer, writer, and music producer. All these are living proof that Affion is a multi-talented person who has left a deep mark in almost all the industries that come with entertainment. 

Affion Crockett

What were Affion Roles in In The Flow and Wild n Out?

Affion hosted a show titled In The Flow back in 2011, where he called different celebrities. Jamie Foxx produced this sketchy comedy television series. Even though only one season (with 16 episodes) was completed, the show gained huge popularity worldwide because of the way Affion hosted it and the way other celebrities enjoyed the show.

Moving on to Wild n Out, Affion was one of the recurring members of this TV Series and had continuously worked from the first season to the fourth season. Nick Cannon hosted this show and Affion surprised the fans and audiences by returning in the fifteenth episode. Both these series were two of the biggest projects for Affion in the comedy sector.

What is Affion Crockett Net Worth?

Affion Crockett has had one of the most successful careers as a comedian actor in Hollywood. This has given him an opportunity to gather a huge net worth of $6 million. He does not just limit his net worth to the movies and TV Series that he appears in he also earns from video games, rap songs, documentaries, advertisements, brand endorsements, etc. 

Is Affion active on Instagram?

Affion Crockett is active on Instagram under the username @affioncrockett, where he has shared 523 posts and already has more than 2 million followers. From this, we can say that the artist is highly active on social media and tries his best to keep the fans and supporters updated about himself and his progress. So if you are an Affion Crockett fan and want to be updated about him, you can follow him on Instagram.

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