Astrid Menks is a celebrity wife who is well known for being the second wife of American investor, Warren Buffett. Before marrying Buffet, Astrid served as a hostess at Omaha's French cafe Cafe Cocktail Bar. Astrid is known to be a dutiful and loyal wife of Buffet.

She was in her 60s and Buffet was in his mid-70s when they got married to one another. They married without any show of pomp and splendor. It was a low-key affair. Now let us go in-depth and look at some of the interesting features of Warren Buffet's lovely wife, Astrid Menks' life and career in general.

Astrid Menks

What Is Astrid Menks Age?

Astrid Menk's age is 77 years old at the time of writing this article. She was born in the small nation of Latvia. As such, she is the holder of a Latvian nationality and has a mixed ethnicity background. Her parent's and siblings' details as birthday whereabouts cannot be found as of now. Similarly, her educational details are missing as of yet. But we believed that she is a high school graduate.

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What Is Astrid Menks Profession?

Astrid Menks before getting married to his wealthy husband, was a simple hostess. She later met with Susan or Buffett when Menks was working as the hostess for Omaha's French cafe Cafe Cocktail Bar. Surprisingly, Susan also got a singing job at the same cafe. 

On the other hand, Astrid's husband and man, Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world. He served as the chairman and has the largest shares in Berkshire Hathaway which is one of the main holding companies and the world's leading corporate conglomerates company.

Astrid Menks

Buffett is also known for giving 99 percent wealth to philanthropic causes and mostly donates through Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has also founded the Giving Pledge campaign alongside another great billionaire Bills Gates. It is an initiative taken by billionaires and they vow to forsake a part of their wealth for charity.

Who Is Astrid Menks Husband?

Astrid Menks is happily married to his wealthy husband, Warren Buffett. The blessed couple got hitched to each other in 2006. Warren first met Astrid while she was working as a waitress in the cocktail bar. Before meeting with her, Buffett was married to his first partner and wife, Susan Thompson. Astrid and Warren lived in a happy relationship for more than four decades.

They married shortly after Susan Thompson died in 2004. With Susan, Buffett is also father to his three kids whose names are  Peter, Susie, and Howard. Moving on the happy couple married in a quiet wedding ceremony. She was age 60 while Warren was 76 years when they were pronounced as husband and wife. 

What Is Astrid Menks Net Worth?

Astrid Menks's net worth figure is expected to be billions of dollars. Before marrying Warren Buffett, she worked as a bartender. A couple of Astrid and Warren are considered the third world wealthiest couple. Similarly, her husband, Waren Buffett has earned a massive and breathtaking net worth figure of $ 113.3 billion dollars. He is a well-known American investor and presently serves as the CEO and chairman for the CEO of the famed Berkshire Hathaway. 

Astrid Menks

What Is Astrid Menks Height?

As per sources found from online sources, Astrid Menks stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and maintains a decent body weight. Her overall body details are unknown as of now. But looking at her, it seems that Astrid has an average body build. Astrid has hazel colored eyes and blonde hair. She has a unique personality and takes good care. Even in her 60s, she looks stylish and smart.

What Is Astrid Instagram Account?

Warren Buffet's Astrid Menks is also pretty much active on the social media sites such as Instagram handle In it she has close to 270  followers. It is also surprising to see that in spite of being the famous wife of such a big celebrity, Astrid's fan following is quite less. Nonetheless, her Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok accounts. On her Instagram handle, she posted pictures of herself and her husband, Warren Buffett.

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