Ayesha Madon is a musician and actor from Australia. In 2022, she is best recognized for her performance as Amerie in Netflix's eight-episode television series Heartbreak High. She also played Chav Dave in the TV show The Moth Effect. Since 2020, she has been working as an actor.

Her rise to fame has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her grit, passion, determination, and immense acting talent have received widespread critical acclaim and made her very famous. She has gained massive success. In this article, we will delve deep into her age, career, nationality, and social media presence.

Ayesha Madon

What Is Ayesha Madon Age?

Ayesha Madon's birthday is on the 10th of February. She was born in 1998. She was born in Sydney, Australia. Her current age is 25. She grew up in Australia with her parents and her siblings. Her mother's name is Jasmine Madon and her father's name is kept secret. The name of her siblings is Aaresh Madon and Ava Madon. 

Her nationality is Australian. She is of mixed ethnicity. She practices the Christian faith. According to her birth month, her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Ayesha likes spending time with her siblings and often posts pictures with them on Instagram. She graduated high school and got a degree from a prestigious university. She is not related to Brittany Murphy.

What Are Ayesha Madon Movies And Tv Shows?

Ayesha Madon began her professional career as a vocalist. She also released a large number of singles on the Internet. Her most well-known songs include Goldfish, Justice, and Others. Ayesha is also a well-known actress. She also appeared in theaters and theatrical productions. Her agent has helped us a lot to provide the relevant information.

Ayesha appeared in the TV mini-series The Moth Effect in 2021, in addition to this. It was her first television series. She has previously appeared in several stage productions, including Morning Melodies, Into The Woods, and others. She rose to prominence after being cast in the major role of Ameria Wadia in Heartbreak High. Heartbreak High is a Netflix series that premiered on September 16, 2022. She also works as a model. Besides that, Ayesha stars in a playful "Stupid Simple" campaign for Okana.

Ayesha Madon

Who Is Ayesha Madon Dating?

Ayesha is a friendly person. We learned from Madon's Instagram pictures that she enjoys spending time with her coworkers and co-stars. She is also friends with Heartbreak High co-star James Majors. Ayesha, on the other hand, does not reveal anything about her present relationship status or boyfriend.

Madon, according to various media reports, is unmarried as of 2023. She also enjoys spending time with her buddies. Nothing is known about her exes either. There is no news or information on her dating past and dating habits. We will update this article with new information in the future. She doesn't have a partner.

What Is Ayesha Madon Height?

Ayesha Madon is a very beautiful woman. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches. Her weight is 59 kilograms. She looks very beautiful with her black colored eyes and black hair. She has a slender figure. Her body measurements are 34-26-34 and she has an attractive figure. She has beautiful big eyes which look very appealing and long silky hair. She has a very attractive personality.

Ayesha Madon is a medium-sized woman with an average build. However, in her posts, she appears rather tall in comparison to her surroundings. Unfortunately, specifics about her actual physical measurements are not accessible at this time, but they will be updated as soon as they become available.

Ayesha Madon

What Is Ayesha Instagram Account?

Yes, Ayesha is active on various social media like Instagram and Twitter. She is also active on other social media platforms such as Facebook. She uses these platforms to post picturesque selfies and promote her recent works and different brands. She also posts her beautiful paintings. You can find her on Instagram with the handle @ayeshamadon where she has 159K followers as of now.

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