Cameron Brodeur is of the best young actor in the entertainment world. At an early age, he is able to get popularity in the acting world. Besides acting, he is also a social media personality and has got huge popularity on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

He started his acting career at the age of just ten years and was able to grab a role in many movies and TV shows. He has also won multiple awards for his performance. Let's get deeper so that we can know more about him and his journey.

How old is Cameron Brodeur?

Cameron Brodeur was born in Montreal, Canada, on 2002 April 25. The age of actor is 19 years old, and at the age of just 19 years, he is able to grab a role in lots of movies and TV shows. His mother's name is Shena, and she used to work as an assistant director. Unfortunately, we don't know much information about his father. His parents were of French descent. He was very much interested in acting from a small age and got a chance to work on the screen at the age of ten years.

Cameron Brodeur

How did Cameron start his professional career?

In the year 2015, Cameron Brodeur started his acting career with the role of Soren in the TV show Helix. In the same year, he got a chance to work on another TV show, The Art of More, with the role of Young Graham. He made his debut as a movie actor in 2016 with the role of Oliver Cross in the movie Amber Alert. He is also present in the war film Midway in the role of Sully Brown.

Has Cameron won any awards?

In 2019, Cameron Brodeur was a winner at Young Artist Awards for his performance in The Umbrella Academy. In the same year, he was again a winner at The Joey Awards for the title Best Television or Web series Ensemble. In 2020, he was a nominee at Young Artist Awards.

Cameron Brodeur

Is Cameron Brodeur single?

Currently, we haven't found any sources where it has given any hints about his relationship. We even try to find more about his relationship on his social media, but there is no post that mentions his love life. He may be more focused on improving his acting skill rather than falling in love. In the future, we may see him with someone who will understand him and can spend the rest of his life peacefully.

What is Cameron Brodeur height?

Cameron Brodeur has got a height of 5 feet 8 inches. His body is of mesomorph type with a weight of 60kg. In addition to his physical stats, he has got a chest of 36 inches with 29 inches waist. His eyes are blue in color with dirty blonde hair.

Cameron Brodeur

What is Cameron Brodeur Net Worth?

Cameron Brodeur hasn't revealed his exact net worth, but according to some sources, he is able to make a net worth between $400k to $500k. In addition, he used to get in between $10k to $13k per episode while acting on the TV series. Besides acting, he also gets a good amount from other platforms like Instagram and Twitter by doing paid promotions.

Is Cameron active on social media?

Cameron Brodeur is a popular name not only acting industry but also in social media. He has got huge popularity on Instagram with followers of 998k. He used to make posts regularly so that he could communicate with his followers and fans.

He joined Twitter in 2015, and he was able to get 111.6k followers on his Twitter account. We can also find him on the TikTok platform, and with his short video clips, he is able to have 1.4 million followers on his TikTok account.

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