Caryn Chandler rose to become a television personality by being an assistant at the Roloff family farm. Sometimes relationships play a vital role in changing someone's life and career. The same thing occurred with Chandler. His partner Mark Roloff, an American TV personality, launched her on television. 

Know More about Caryn's Partner : Matthew Roloff

Caryn Chandler, a star of Little People and Big World, gained fame for her appearances on the TLC program with her boyfriend/partner Matt Roloff and his family. While the pair openly discusses their relationship on the show, viewers might be interested in learning more about Caryn. Croll down to learn more about her occupations, financial situation, and other topics!

What Is Caryn Chandler Age? 

Caryn Chandler marked her birth on October 1, 1967. The native of Grand Canyon State, United States, was born under the sun sign Libra and her age is 54. She possesses American nationality, and her religion is Christianity. Besides, Chandler belongs to the white ethnicity. Finally, we can say that " how old is Caryn chandler?" is the most asked task on the internet.

Caryn Chandler

Moving on to her parents and family information, the reality tv personality has been secluded and thus reluctant to share any sensitive details regarding her early life. Thus, the internet is deprived of her family details and siblings' info.

Is Caryn Educated?

It is not quite sure whether the 55-year-old has been to college. It seemed like she was from a village, and her family's primary profession was farming. Besides, Brittany has a degree from Oklahoma State University.

What is Chandler's Profession?

She served as a manager and subordinate on the farm owned by the Roloff family. She worked at the farm for nearly a decade before calling it to quit in 2018. Chandler made her debut on Television from Little People, Big World in 2011. 

Following her engagement with American television personality, farmer, business entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Matthew Roloff, she began to gain popularity. Caryn worked at Roloff Farms for a very long period and played a crucial role in the management of the pumpkin season. In 2017, the pair came clean about their relationship.

Caryn Chandler

Is Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Engaged?

Fans have been speculating about a potential engagement since Matt and Caryn made their romance public. When the media asked Matt if he would propose to his great lady, Caryn addressed the rumors of an engagement in November 2022. With a cryptic "Lol," she promptly ended engagement speculation.

Before they started dating, Caryn worked as the longstanding farm manager at Roloff Farms, and the two had a fantastic professional connection. After his divorce from Amy was completed in 2016, the two started dating shortly after. They are now engaged and living together in Caryn's native state of Arizona. The reality star got to know Caryn through her work on Roloff Farms, and they knew each other before Matt, and Amy Roloff divorced. 

What is Caryn Chandler Net Worth?

"She has a net worth three times my worth.", Caryn's fiancee Matt replied to now of his fan's comment on his Instagram post. What kind of wealth does Caryn Chandler own, given that Matt Roloff asserts that it exceeds everything a fan of Little People, Big World could imagine? 

According to different online sources, Caryn Chandler is believed to have a net worth of $4.5 million. In the meantime, her future husband, Roloff, asserts that Chandler's net worth is more prominent than his; in fact, he has a net worth of $6 million.

Caryn Chandler

What is Caryn Chandler Height?

Caryn Chandler is 5 feet and 7 inches (170 cm tall) in height, and she weighs around 62 kilograms. She owns dark brown hair and a pair of brown eyes. Other than that, none of her physical attributes have arisen on the internet.

Is Caryn Active On Instagram?

She is active on Instagram, and her account has a staggering 148K followers. She uploads pictures of her daily life, mostly with her husband and family. Although nothing is known about them, she has two children, Brittany and Connor, from her previous marriage with Joseph Chandler. Unfortunately, Chandler is not on Twitter.

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