Christina Vignaud in an event(Source-Global Circulate)

Christina Vignaud is the celebrity girlfriend of famous American actor Luke Kleintank who gained notoriety for starring in several hit television series such as the CBS crime drama FBI: International. He was cast in the lead role of Scott Forrester. Likewise, he played the main role in Amazon prime's The Man in the High Castle as Joe Blake. in addition, Luke has also appeared in Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl in a recurring role.

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Meanwhile, his partner and fiance, Christina Vignaud, is a regular woman and doesn't hold any celebrity gig. She came to the spotlight only after the duo were spotted together during an event. After that, the media and public started investigating who the girl was. And even though there is very little information about Christina Vignaud is available on the internet right now, we will try to uncover what we have in our store.

Christina Vignaud

What is Christina Vignaud Age?

Luke Kleintank has not shared any specifics regarding the details of her girlfriend. Thus, the internet is devoid of Christina's basic information, such as her age, date of birth, and birthplace. But as per her look and the fact that Luke is 33 years old. So her age would also be somewhere around that number. So our guess is between 26 to 31 years. Further info like her birth sign, ethnicity, and religious views are unknown.

Moreover, we are not aware of Christina's family background either. She has not been a sharing person and has kept her family's identity a secret. Expect she is the daughter of  Argentinean diplomat Juan Carlos Vignaud. Although her educational history has not yet surfaced on the media and the internet, we are sure she must have graduated from a reputed university as her father was a high-profile politician. She is among the many kids of Juan Vignaud

What is Christina profession?

Christina only became popular because of her relationship with actor Luke Kleintank. Take that out, and nobody has any information about her. Similarly, no site has mentioned her job or career, indicating that she is well away from media coverage and lives her life in perfect solitude. As a result, we are deprived of her professional career details.

Christina Vignaud

Who is Christina Vignaud fiance?

In December 2018, Luke Kleintank announced their engagement through his Instagram account after dating for nearly two years. However, we are very short of information about their relationship. As per our sources, the couple started dating in 2016. But unfortunately, after three years of engagement, there is no news of their marriage. According to some websites, things are going south now, and they are going to call off their engagement and end the relationship.

What is Christina Vignaud Net Worth?

Christina has not publicized her financial details to the media and public. Hence, we are unsure how much Christina Vignaud makes and her net worth. Besides, her job details and lifestyle are completely off the internet, so it isn't easy to estimate the actual figure. It is being reviewed. Besides, Luke Kleintank's net worth is around $2 million.

Christina Vignaud

What is Christina Vignaud Height?

Yet again, we are sorry to inform you that her body stats are also missing from the internet. Like any piece of information regarding her, She has not shared a single piece of information regarding her body and measurements. Therefore, there is nothing out there to find. However, we are still trying our best to get as much information as possible and will update it as soon as more information is found.

Is Christina Vignaud Instagram Active? 

After searching her official account on different social media platforms, we were utterly disappointed. She is totally off the grid and is completely absent from social media. However, we did encounter some of the accounts with her name, but it did not seem legit. So the only source of information to her fans is through media coverage.

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