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Christine Sydelko is an American comedian Youtuber who started her YouTube channel in 2015. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, the USA, on 27th March 1994. Her mother's name is Pam Sydelko, and she has two elder brothers. She studied Digital media and Cinema at DePaul University but later dropped from college to pursue her career in Comedy.

Christine started her Youtube channel with her friend Elijah Daniel, a YouTuber. She is also an actress as she has appeared in many videos and music videos of famous singers such as Katy Perry 2017. Moreover, she has also worked with social stars such as Tana Mongeau, Erin Gilfoy, and Tom Harlock. 

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Where is Christine Sydelko age?

Christina Sydelko was born on 27th March 1994 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. As of 2021, her age is 27. Her full name is Christine Lauren Sydleko. Her nationality is American, and it is said that she belongs to the Iranian-American ethnicity. She became famous after a video named " Bible Studies" went viral.

Christina's mother's name is Pam Sydelko, a scientist, and her father's name has not been known. She has two elder brothers; however, there is no information regarding her brother's details. Also, she has not mentioned her childhood life.

Christine Sydelko

Where did Sydelko receive her education?

The comedian YouTuber star has not told her school details about where she completed her education. However, she has shared about her university education. She has studied Digital media and Cinema at DePaul University. But she dropped out of college in 2015 to pursue her career in Comedy. So she moved to Los Angele, California, to continue her internet career on YouTube.

How did Christine begin her career?

Christine Sydelko is a successful Comedian YouTuber who started to create content on YouTube in 2015. The first two videos are Introductory Q &A and Make-up Tutorial. She is known for her collaboration with Elijah Daniel, with whom she has shot the videos since 2015. Additionally, she has worked with social stars like Tana Mongeau, Erin Gilfoy, and Tom Harlock. 

She is also an actress, appearing in videos such as Closer by The Chainsmokers and Hasley Parody in 2017, Givit Wednesday, Bing Bong: Official Video, Apologies in Advance with Andrea Russett, etc. In addition, she also appeared in music videos Swish Swish by Katy Perry in 2017. 

Christine Sydelko

Is Christine Sydelko married?

Currently, Christine is not a married woman, and she is single. There is no information regarding her boyfriend, or she has kept it private about her relationship. As of now, she is busy building her career on the internet. 

However, in 2016, she announced she would engage with fellow comedian Youtuber Elijah Daniel once their YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers. Later, they said they got engaged in the video in 2017. However, since Elijah is gay and Christine is asexual, Christine announced they were joking about their engagement after some time, and they separated in 2018. 

What is Christine Sydelko Net Worth?

Christine is famous for being a comedian on Youtuber. According to some sources, her net worth is around $10 million. Her source of income for Christine is her internet career, and also she has appeared in many videos and music videos of famous singers. As per the report, she is not facing any financial discomfort due to her enough net worth as her earnings.

Christine Sydelko

What is Christine Sydelko height?

27-years-old Christine is tall. She has a height of 1.8 meters. She has black hair. She weighs 110 kg. She was teased and bullied due to her weight and became a victim. She also spoke about fat-shaming and said it is not a solution for weight loss. As per the report, she is in the process of weight loss because she used to be called fat on different media.

Is Christine socially active?

Talking about social media, she is active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Seven hundred twelve thousand followers follow her official Instagram account, i.e., @csydelko, and 780.7 thousand followers follow her Twitter account @csydelko. Her YouTube channel name is Christine Sydelko 1.22 million subscribers have subscribed, and she has uploaded 111 videos.

However, he decided to quit social media in 2109 cause she thought being an influencer was more than enough. Apart from this, she just found that social media are just trivial. The Ex-vine star Christine Sydelko used to post a picture with former best friend Elijah Daniel on different social media.

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