Cody McMains is an American actor well known for his roles in Not Another Teen Movie and Thomas & the Magic Railroad. He has been active in entertainment from the year 1996 until 2012.

Here in the following article, we will be exploring some fascinating information related to his life, acting profession, net worth, and many more. Of course, we will also explain his love life too.

When and where was Cody Born?

His birth name is Cody Arthur McMains. He opened his eyes on 4 October 1985, in Pasadena, California, U.S.A. His present age is 36 years old. Cody belongs to American nationality and holds a white ethnic heritage. Unfortunately, Cody has not opened up much information about his father and mother's name and their respective details. Therefore, his early childhood remains a mystery.

Cody Mcmains

Is he a highly educated man?

Cody McMains has obtained his high school education from his home state of Pasadena at Wu-Tang Academy. But his further academic degree remains a mystery.

When was Cody's debut in the acting career?

Cody McMains made his professional acting career in the year 1996. He has since acted in movies such as Bring It On, Not Another Teen Movie, Madison, Trailer Park of Terror, Vicious Circle, etc. In addition, Cody has acted in numerous T.V. shows like Bless This House, 10 Things I Hate About You, Everwood, Desperate Housewives,  and No Ordinary Family.

What was his role in the famous T.V. Series Monk?

Cody appeared in two episodes; Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink and  Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure. In these episodes, Mr monk and the buried treasure, Dr. Charles Kroger (Stanley Kamel), Monk's psychiatrist, quits after blaming himself for the death and murder of his cleaning woman, and Monk has to prove the main culprit isn't one of Kroger's patients.

Cody Mcmains

Where is Cody McMains now?

Since 2012, Cody has not appeared in any movies or T.V. shows and has taken a hiatus from acting. At the time of this writing, he is working as the instructor at the Skydive Cross Keys.

Is Cody married?

Cody McMains has not officially disclosed much information related to his love life and relationship status. As such, we are unable to know who his wife or girlfriend is. Furthermore, due to a lack of proper information, we cannot know if Cody is a married man or is in a relationship with his girlfriend. Hence, we here assumed that he is a possibly single and unmarried woman.

Has Cody been involved in scandals?

Cody McMains has maintained a good and clean-cut image in society and media. Due to this, he has not been involved in any controversy, scandals, and nuisance that could potentially damage his acting profession and personal life in the long run. Similarly, there are no rumors of news flying around him that could be heard in the news or found on the internet.

Cody Mcmains

How Much is Cody McMains Net Worth?

As of October 2021, Cody McMains' actual net worth figure has not been officially disclosed. However, it is known that he earns most of his income from his profession as a successful actor. His annual salary is estimated to be around several thousand dollars. 

Cody enjoys a happy and lavish lifestyle with his family and friends in the U.S.A with his amassed earnings. However, his assets details have not been covered as of now. 

Is he fit?

Cody McMains stands at a decent height and maintains healthy body weight. His overall physical description has not been mentioned on the internet at the time of this writing. But looking at him, Cody has a slim body build. In addition, he has a pair of blue-colored eyes, and short well kept blonde hair.

How is Cody's Social Media life like?

Cody McMains is also active on social media platforms. He has amassed a massive fan following on his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page.

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