Delilah Dicrescenzo is an American runner best known for competing in the women's 3000 meters steeplechase. Dicrescenzo started running professionally at a young age but became professional in 2003. She has competed in several running events and has also won many of those events.

Besides, being a professional runner she is also the subject of the Plain White T's song titled Hey There Delilah. She has lately become a sensation in the athletic world because of her hard work and consistency. She started her career as a professional runner on the Columbia College team.

Delilah Dicrescenzo

What is Delilah Dicrescenzo Age?

Delilah Dicrescenzo was born on February 9, 1983, so, her age is currently 40 years old. As she was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., the runner holds U.S. citizenship. The runner has not revealed anything related to her parents and family members until now.

 However, we know that her parents raised her very well. Therefore, the runner gained proper education making her talented and well-educated. Since her early life, Delilah has loved playing sports and wanted to become a professional athlete in the future. As she grew up, her passion changed into her profession, and that made her a famous athlete.

Did Delilah Dicrescenzo get a Restraining Order?

Back in the 2000s, Plain White T's song "Hey Delilah" became a huge hit. The band released this song in 2007, and the band also received two Grammy nominations for that song. However, there are rumors Delilah got a restraining order against the singer for using her name in the song.

When asked about this rumor, the runner expressed her happiness about being the attention point because of that song. Moreover, she also said that artists getting these types of spotlights gives sports a face and helps them in gaining more fame.

Delilah Dicrescenzo

Why is Hey There Delilah Famous?

Hey There Delilah is a famous song that was released by the Plain White T in the 2000s. The song gained immense popularity worldwide and was nominated for the Song of the Year back in the 2008 Grammy Awards. Another reason why the song became famous is because it was the namesake of the famous American runner, Delilah.

With sky-touching popularity, the song also caused several controversies among the singer and the band as a whole. However, Delilah was very positive about the song and was also very happy to become an inspiration for such a superhit song. Therefore, no controversies came out between the band and the runner because of the song.

Does Delilah Dicrescenzo have a boyfriend?

Delilah Dicrescenzo is very private regarding her love life, especially the one that she had before her marriage. Currently, the runner is already married, so she does not have a boyfriend. However, no evidence proves that Delilah ever had a boyfriend in her life.

Is Delilah Married?

Delilah Discrescenzo married her husband, Will Boylan-Pett in 2018 and lives a happy life with him. As per the sources on the internet, the couple tied the knot on August 11, 2018. However, the famous American runner has not disclosed how she met her husband until now.

Will Boylan-Pett is a legal practitioner at Pratt & Whitney. Besides, he also works as a director, and digital and transformation officer. Moreover, both Will and Delilah also work at the same company. During their university time, Will used to work as an assistant track and field coach at Columbia University.

Furthermore, Will obtained his bachelor's degree in Political Science from Columbia University back in 2005. After graduating, he also worked as senior contracts manager, general manager of aftermarket contracts, and international trade compliance manager. 

How are Delilah and Tom Higgenson Connected?

Tom Higgenson is the lead singer of the band that composed the song titled, Hey There Delilah. As per the reports, meeting Delilah personally inspired Tom to write the song. However, the two were never in a relationship but many people connected their names after Tom released the song.

Delilah also attended the 2008 Grammy Award Show as Tom Higginson guest and Grammy-nominated her namesake song, Hey There Delilah for the Song of the Year in the same award ceremony. As a result, Delilah and Tom know each other because of the song that Tom released after meeting her.

Delilah Dicrescenzo

What is Delilah Net Worth?

Delilah has earned a lot of money throughout her career as a professional runner. Furthermore, she gained many endorsement and advertisement chances after the song, Hey There Delilah. As a result, Delilah has a total net worth of $5 million.

Is Delilah Dicrescenzo active on Instagram?

Delilah is not active on any social media platform as of now but there are several other posts about the runner. Moreover, she is also famous on social media as the girl of "Hey There Delilah". Besides, we can also find several hashtags in her name that are trending on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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