Erik Salitan is a reputable business owner in Alaska. He was spotlighted in the media after his appearance in Life Below Zero. Furthermore, it is one of those shows that seem unscripted and depicts Alaskan life with a few encounters with the cast and producers. Both the good and the bad of Alaska have been displayed in the show. Erik gained notoriety from the show but is no longer a member.

The audience is interested in Erik's private life. And for those of you who are unaware of Erik, we are here to introduce you to this hunter, trapper, businessman, and reality television star. Continue reading to learn more about Erik and his personal information.

Erik Salitan

How old is Erik Salitan?

Erik Salitan was living a typical life when he was born on February 9th, 1984, in New York, United States. After being chosen for the main cast of the reality TV program "Life Below Zero," where he appeared from 2013 to 2016, he then grabbed the limelight. As of 2022, he is 39 years old and has left the show already.

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He realized his enthusiasm for an exciting and adventurous life was greater than leading a simple existence in New York City and earning. After that, he packed his belongings and headed to Alaska, after which he joined the main cast of Life Below Zero and described his way of life in Alaska. There isn't much online concerning his academics and professional progress.

What Happened to Erik Salitan?

There are many speculations that Erik had a near-death experience because of all the thrills that location had to offer; that's why he left the cast of Life Below Zero. According to certain speculations, the cold may have caused him health issues. Although there are many theories regarding his leaving the show, there is no concrete evidence to back them up.

The sources claim that he was dissatisfied with the producers, wanting to appear in Alaska with helicopters, too many cameras, and other stuff which invaded his personal space. He relocated to Alaska to fully experience the outdoors, but the producers softened the experience, which disappointed him. Since leaving the show in 2016, Erik has continued living in Alaska's wilds.

Who Is Erik Salitan Wife?

We don't have much personal information regarding Erik's life. He doesn't like to discuss personal matters with the media, so not much is probably available. Despite this, we have learned some fascinating information regarding his family.

Martha Salitan, an Alaskan native and former Iliamna resident, is Erik Salitan wife. We have no information regarding their wedding. Lucas, the couple's kid, has become eight years old now and goes to Wood River Elementary. He frequently tags along with his father on hunting outings when school is over.

Erik Salitan

What is Erik Salitan Net Worth?

The popularity of Life Below Zero improved Erik and his wife's wealth. They were a member of the program's cast for over three years. Erik Salitan net worth is thought to be close to$ 400,000.His work has greatly influenced Erik's career as a guide, outfitter, and hunter in addition to the show. His Alaskan business, Alaska Guiding, and Outfitting educates people about hunting guide prices. His wife is also a business owner, and they make a fine living together.

Erik Salitan

What Is Erik Salitan Height?

Erik Salitan has an average height. He stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 80 kilograms. He has dark brown hair and looks like he has average body measurements. His diet is precise, and his body appears well-kept. He has fair skin and freckles. 

Is Erik Active on Social Media Platforms?

It looks like Erik is not active on social media and is living a very private happy life full of wilderness in Alaska. He is not active on any platforms and doesn’t even have a verified Twitter account. He does almost famous cast not like sharing personal stuff in the media or with the public.

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