Faizon Love is a popular American actor and comedian of Cuban origin. People are more familiar with his comedy roles in various tv shows and movies. During his early days in the industry, he played Maurice in The Meteor Man's 1993 superhero comedy

Likewise, his other popular roles are Shane in Couples Retreat and Luther Washington in The Fighting Temptations (2003). Faizon Love is also known for the popular voice of Sean Johnson "Sweet" in the legendary video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  It is a free city game launched in 2004. This article will break down Faizon Love career and love life. 

What is Faizon Love Age?

Faizon Love was born Langston Faizon Santisima on the 14th of June 1968. His birthplace is Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Later he was renamed Faizon Andre Love. He is a Cuban-American, and his birth sign is Gemini. His parents were of African origin, but details about their identity and profession are not known. Similarly, we are not aware of his siblings either. 

Faizon Love

His father was military in the U.S. Navy, so Faizon had to move from place to place during his childhood. As a result, he spent his early days in California and New Jersey. Faizon attended Morse High School, located in San Diego.

How did Faizon begin his acting Journey?

Faizon entered the entertainment industry as a comedian at 15. Then he ventured into acting at 19. During that time, Faizon was performing in theatres. Finally, in 1992, he made a debut on the big screen. Faizon did a voice-over as late comedian Robin Harris in Bebe's Kids?

As of now, Faizon is a successful actor in his acting career. All love his comedy humor, smile, and acting. Talking about his major milestones, the actor is famous for his role in Elf character in the movie Elf. Similarly, he also appeared as Big Worm in Friday's comedy film (1995). His other film contributions are The Fighting Temptations (2003), Zookeeper (2011), etc. Further, his popular television series are The Parent 'Hood, The Big House, Step Up: High Water, etc.

Who is Faizon Love Wife?

Faizon has had a secluded life till now. Even though he is occasionally the center of numerous media scandals, he likes to keep the media out of his front door. As a result, information about his love life and relationships is never made public. However, according to certain reports, Faizon is engaged with someone. 

Faizon Love

It is still unsure whether the actor was serious about it. Similarly, in 2017, he posted a picture with a woman mentioning my sunshine. The actor is quite good at keeping things complex. However, the actor is married, and he has a beautiful daughter, Archy. Furthermore, the actor’s wife and current marital status are unknown.

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Were 2pac and Faizon close to each other?

Most likely not. But Faizon did remark something about the late iconic rap artist Tupac Shakur's death, which sparked a firestorm of controversy on social media. Then, on June 18, 2017, Faizon posted something on his social media that triggered another debate about Tupac's death.

Faizon stated that Tupac would still be alive today if it weren't for Snoop Dog. He didn't intend to imply that Snoop Dog wasted Tupac, but rather that Tupac should not have crossed Snoop and should have kept close to him.

What is Faizon Love Net Worth?

Faizon Love has a dream luxury life living in Newmark, New Jersey. He has made a gigantic sum of money from his professional career as an actor and comedian. As of mid-2022, Faizon Love is believed to have an estimated net worth of $8 million. And his annual average income is nearly $500 thousand. 

Faizon Love

Is Faizon active on Social Media?

The 53-year-old comedian/actor Faizon is very active on Instagram. His profile @faizonlove has 1.9K posts with an impressive 207K followers. Likewise, Faizon also has an official Twitter account, @FAIZONLOVE, with 37.5K followers. He joined Twitter in May 2010.

What is Faizon Love Height?

The Elf star Faizon is 5 feet and 9 inches tall (1.75 m), and his humongous body weighs around 125 kilograms (275 lbs). So he is suffering from obesity. Besides, his hair color is black, and his eyes are black colored too. But we have not found any info on his body measurements. 

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