In the following stanzas, we will be exploring the privileged child; Genevieve Mecher who is well known for being the lovely daughter of Jen Psaki, who is a veteran CNN TV journalist and works as a prominent political member of the present US administration. She presently handles the activities facilitated by the president of America, Joe Biden. 

Even though her mother is quite famous all over America, the detail about Jane's oldest daughter is kept a secret from the media. In today’s report, we will try to cover as many details as we can. So, let us move into her biography.

How old is Genevieve Mecher?

As of  June 2022, Genevie Mecher's age is around seven years old at the time of publishing this article. Genevie's birth year was  2015. And her birthplace is the United States of America.  Although her birthplace enhances her to be an American citizen. while her ethnicity is Caucasian background. There are lots of details relating to her birthdate. Genevieve is now 7 years old according to the calculation by 2022.

Genevieve Mecher

Who are Genevieve Mecher Siblings?

According to the internet, Genevieve Mecher is the only kid of her parents. Since she is only seven years seems like her parents haven't thought about a new sibling for her. She is the daughter of Gregory Mecher (father) and  Jen Psaki (mother).  Jen Psaki is the closest to Joe Biden and handles his every administrative busy work. Other than these reports, her parents dotted her with the world's pleasures. 

Genevieve Mecher is a popular American political figure's daughter. Mecher is seven years old girl. Jen Psaki is the mother of Genevieve Mecher because of which she came as the young star. She is popular as a wise thinker in her school. 

Where did Genevieve start her school?

Genevieve started her school in her own hometown. Since her parents have not disclosed much information about her birthplace, it isn't easy to assume where she is studying, and overall education details are still up for debate. according to details about  Genevieve, we can say that she might start her primary level of education at the local school in her hometown.

Genevieve Mecher

Who is Genevieve Mecher Mother, Jen Psaki?

As for her parents, Genevieve's mother, Jen Psaki is a lady with talent and responsibility. and her father, Gregory. Both of her parents are the most popular political figures in the United State Of  America. There is no declaration about their first meeting. Almost 2010 was the time they might come to know each other.  After over five years of being together, they finally gave birth to their first child.

As we explore Psaki's pregnancy year was in 2014, she finally gave birth to her first kid daughter, Genevieve Mecher, in 2015. Genevieve Mecher is too young to be in any relationship, but it is expected that she will find her dashing prince when she grows up into a fine mature young woman.

What is Genevieve Mecher Net Worth?

Genevieve Mecher seems to be ineligible to make an earning or living at such a young age. Due to this, we cannot get or retrieve any information related to her.  As of now, she is just a mere child and lives completely dependent on the money of her beloved parents. Currently, she is spending time playing with her inseparable friends and families and enjoying life to the fullest.

As per the little age of Genevieve Mecher, We have to wait for her actual income. SO that we can mention the actual net worth of Genevieve Mecher. However, her lovely mother, Jen Psaki, has a net worth of $ 2 million.

Genevieve Mecher

What is Genevieve Mecher Height?

Genevieve Mecher's height is normal, just like any other average height of a 7-year-old girl.  Her height is expected to be 4 feet 5 inches. She has a typical Caucasian face with long flowing silky blonde hair and owns a pair of ocean blue themed colored eyes. AS per research about Genevieve Mecher, she has got thin weight. Her weight is mentioned as 34 kgs (74 lbs).

Is Genevieve active on social media?

Usually, several popular celebrities often opened their children’s accounts on their behalf. In Genevieve's case, her parents are not letting her use social media. There are no more photos of   Genevieve on any social media. The reason is she is too small to use social media. Her parents just planning to her over social media when she becomes to distinguish the pros and cons of using it. You can now follow her mother’s social media account to learn more about her.

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