Iva Colter is the beautiful wife of a famous Hollywood actor, Mike Colter. If you have watched Hollywood series like Marvel's Luke Cage and Evil, you might know about Mike Colter. However, there are significantly fewer who actually know about Iva in detail. The couple had been together for a long time but they officially tied the marital knot in 2016.

Talking about Iva, she is also a person with a prestigious position and is involved in one of the biggest companies in the world. The celebrity wife is professionally the vice president of talent acquisition at Netflix. However, Mrs. Colter is not much into interviews and turns them down often. Nevertheless, here are some things you might want to know about Iva Colter.

Iva Colter

What is Iva Colter Age?

Iva Colter was born and raised in New Jersey, USA. As she was welcomed into this world by her parents on April 25, 1975, the celebrity wife is currently 48 years old. Besides, her birth name was Iva Popovicova which changed into Iva Colter after she married Mike Colter. She has not revealed much about her parents or any other family members so they remain away from the internet and the media.

Mrs. Colter is a highly educated personality as she completed a Master of Arts, Gender, and Culture from the Central European University. Besides this, she also finished her doctorate from the State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick. Therefore, we can say that Mike married a beauty with academic and professional skills.

What does Iva Colter Do?

As mentioned earlier, Iva Colter is the vice president of talent acquisition at Netflix. However, she engaged in several other professions and places before getting to this prestigious position. As soon as Iva completed her university graduation, she started working as a senior management consultant for 6 years (2006-2012). After that, she also engaged herself as the assistant vice president of recruitment at Ares Management.

Finally, after many years of experience and learning, the celebrity wife got a chance to work at Netflix, which completely changed her life. She started her profession at Netflix in 2014 as the manager of Talent Acquisition. Because of her talent and dedication, Netflix barely took 18 months to promote her to the Director of Talent Acquisition.

Iva Colter

Has Iva Colter Appeared in Any Movies?

Iva Colter is involved in the company that is completely related to movies or more precisely, the entertainment industry. Besides, her husband is also a professional actor and has worked in a load of movies. However, Iva herself has never been seen in any movies or even any other projects. Maybe, she does not want to be in front of the movie camera, or she might not have time to get into acting because of her profession itself.

Who is Mike Colter?

Mike Colter is Iva Colter's husband and talking about his profession, he is a well-known actor. Colter has been active in the entertainment industry since 2004 by appearing in the movie titled Million Dollar Baby. After that, he became one of the most renowned actors in the Holly wood industry and his career kept on going higher and higher.

Mike and Iva married each other in 2002 but the actual date of their marriage remains unrevealed for now. Before getting married, the couple also dated for many years. Therefore, we can say that they had been together for a lot of time. Moreover, we can also witness the couple together in several events, which shows how happy they are with each other.

Has Mike Colter Appeared in Black Panther?

Mike Colter has appeared directly in the Black Panther movies but the actor is the main character of the related show Luke Cage. Luke Cage and Black Panther only teamed up in comics but now Marvel released a series that describes Luke Cage. Marvel released its new series named Marvel's Luke Cage and Colter is the main character of the series.

Does Iva Colter Have a Daughter?

Iva Colter and Mike Colter have had two children together. They gave birth to their first daughter, Naiella Colter in 2016 and they welcomed their second child in 2018. His second child's name remains away from the internet and the media but we know that both of his children are daughters. Besides, both Iva and Mike love their children a lot and they keep posting a lot of photos with their children.

Iva Colter

What is Iva Colter Height?

Iva Colter is a well-maintained personality with charming and attractive body features. Besides, she stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and her body weight is approximately 65 kg. However, we have no clue about her body measurements and shoe size for now. Nevertheless, we can say that Iva has a beautiful personality, and her blonde hair and dark eyes add a lot to her charming looks.

How Much is Iva Colter Net Worth?

Based on her profession and experiences, Iva Colter seems to be very rich and earning a lot of money by herself. Being one of the top tiers of Netflix certainly pays her a lot. Therefore, she possesses a net worth of over $2 million. Besides, her husband, Nick also earns a lot from his profession and possesses a net worth of $2 million.

Is Iva Active on Instagram?

Iv does not have an official account on any social media platform, including Instagram. Instead, we can see her photos and posts on her husband's Instagram profile. Mike is active on Instagram under the username @coltermikecolter. Besides, he has shared 301 posts and more than 353 thousand people follow the actor on Instagram.

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