Jackson Dollinger is a US-born child actor and so-called "social media celebrity" who is mainly known for his portrayal in the TV series Loosely Exactly Nicole (2016) and Disney's Sydney to the Max (2019). Jackson has also appeared in the famous Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show on Television.

Jackson is a very young and promising actor who still has a lot on his way. We have seen actors who were so hyped and famous during their childhood, they drowned in their fame, and we have also seen those who retained that status and went on to become stars later in life. So it's entirely up to him. Let's have a look at his bio in the article below.

How old is Jack Dollinger?

Jackson Dollinger, also popular as Jack, was born on the 19th of January 2007 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Jackson is 14 years old and will turn 15 in a few days on January 19th. Yes, his birthday is almost here. The young teenager belongs to the White ethnic group, and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Jackson follows the Christian religion, and he is currently living in Los Angeles with his family. Unfortunately, we are not able to gather information about his parents. However, we will soon make an update.

Jackson Dollinger

How did Jackson Dollinger become famous?

Jackson Dollinger has played in a handful of TV shows in his few years of an acting career and yet to feature in some big movies and shows. But he will get there eventually. By far, Jack has appeared in Disney's Sydney to the Max (2019) as Young Max ReynoldsLoosely Exactly Nicole (2016), Puppy Dogs Pals Charlie (2017), and Hoverboard Kid (2017). 

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Who is Jackson Dollinger Dating?

Sydney to the Max actor, Jackson is just 14 years old now, so he is not yet there to get involved in love affairs. Additionally, his social media accounts are monitored by his parents, so we see no sign of any girlfriendy post on his handles. However, there was once a rumor circulating that he was dating his Sydney to the Max co-star Ava KolkerHowever, he has not spoken anything about it. So, we can say Jackson has no girlfriend yet and is enjoying his single teenage life.

Jackson Dollinger

How much has Jackson Dollinger earned?

The 14 years old actor has just starred in a few TV series, and he's only been acting for a short time. He is young, and his contract has yet to receive significant renewal incentives, causing him to fall short of the $500k. Jackson also has a huge fan following on his Instagram and Youtube, so we may expect money to flow from there as well. But for his age, he already has bagged enough. 

How many followers does Jackson Dollinger have on his Instagram?

Jackson Dollinger is one of the youngest "Social Media Influencers" and often uploads his pictures with a catchy and motivational caption. His Instagram handle (@jacksondollinger) is approaching 150k followers, barely 2k behind. Jackson is very popular on Instagram, his posts get 30 thousand to 50 thousand like on average, and lots of people will keep following him.

Jackson Dollinger

In addition to that, the young actor is also famous on Tiktok and has 172k followers. He is also a Youtuber, unsurprisingly. His Youtube channel has over 20 videos and 5.46k followers, with the number climbing.

What is Jackson Dollinger height?

Jackson Dollinger stands at 5 feet 2 inches, still growing and yet to reach his peak height. He is around 45 kg in weight. In addition, brown eyes and dark brown hair. Although Jackson has a good physique, his physical attributes are not available on the internet. But we do know he is a fitness junky and trains in a gym regularly to shape that body.

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