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Juanita Hardy is a popular figure in the entertainment industry. Apart from her own identity, she is popularly known as the ex-wife of late actor Sidney Poitier. The couple had been together for almost fifteen years, and the cause of their split was an external woman’s obstruction. 

Unfortunately, her ex-husband died on January 5, 2022, due to unverified reasons at 94 years old. In this article, we will discover some little-known facts about her life.

Where was Juanita Hardy born?

Juanita Hardy got famous for being the ex-Mrs. Juanita Hardy Poitier. Unfortunately, there are no details about Juanita’s birthplace and birthday. However, judging by the past pictures of Sidney Poitier and Juanita Hardy back during their marriage, her age is probably 10 to 20 years younger than Sidney Poitier. 

Therefore, we can predict Juanita Hardy age is 70 to 80 years, seeing how Sidney Poitier age is 94 years. Also, Juanita must be of American nationality as many do acquire her husband’s nationality in citizenship after marriage. 

Juanita Hardy

Is Juanita highly educated?

Regarding her educational qualifications, Juanita is a highly educated woman with a bachelor’s degree in hand. She completed her bachelors’ study at Livingstone College located in Salisbury, New Carolina, specializing in science with a major in Mathematics. 

How did Juanita Hardy start her professional career?

According to some internet sources, Juanita started a career as a model and a dancer in her early days. Some sources report she met Sidney while she was involved in the entertainment industry. However, this news is not verified. 

Some sources also state she worked as a management consultant at IBM for 15 years, which is a pretty fitting job looking at her educational qualifications. Currently, she is the founder of Tiger Management, which is a business consulting firm located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Her company helps various private and public sector organizations realize their strategies and build capacity. 

Juanita Hardy Poitier

How did Juanita become Sidney Poitier Wife?

Numerous theories fly around the internet, suspecting how the couple met and started dating. However, the fact is known only to Sidney Poitier and Juanita Hardy. Juanita became Sidney Poitier First wife after the couple tied the knots on April 29, 1950, in the presence of close friends and family. Unfortunately, there was not much media coverage about their wedding, which could be because of the lack of online media and technology. 

Who are Juanita Hardy children?

Juanita is a mother to four children, Beverly Poitier being her first daughter. Sidney and Juanita gave birth to their second daughter, Pamela Poitier, who followed her father’s footsteps to become an actress. Furthermore, their third daughter Sherri was born in 1956. Juanita then gave birth to their youngest daughter, Gina Poitier. Unfortunately, Gina is no longer alive in this world. Poitier later married his second wife Joanna Shimkus and has two daughters Anika Poitier and Sydney Tamiia Poitier from their union. 

Juanita Hardy

What is the reason for Juanita Hardy divorce from Sidney Poitier?

Everything was well with Juanita and Sidney. The couple resided in their beautiful house in Mount Vernon, New York, with their four kids. However, Sidney Poitier was not committed to Juanita and caught an affair with actress Diahann Carroll. Diahann was also married when she met Sidney, and they fell in love. 

The couple promised to divorce their spouses and get together. However, things went sour between Sidney and Diahann supposedly. This affair also created a bridge between Juanita and Sidney, and they divorced after 15 years of marriage in 1965. Sidney then married Joanna Shimkus in 1976 and the couple was together till Sidney's death.

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What is Juanita Hardy Poitier Net Worth?

Juanita Hardy is currently running her own business firm; therefore, we can say she earns a decent amount of money. Unfortunately, we do not know Juanita Hardy net worth and exact earnings. However, she might make up to $100,000 yearly, judging by her profession. Juanita is currently living a very private life away from media reach; therefore, we cannot find the details of her exact assets.

Is Juanita active on social media?

No, Juanita is not active on any social medias. We can only find a LinkedIn profile in her name. After her divorce from Sidney, Juanita has kept a shallow profile and avoids media attention.

What is Juanita Hardy height?

Juanita Hardy has been out of the media for quite a time now. Therefore, we do not have any information regarding her height, weight, or body measurements. Furthermore, we can hardly find any Juanita Hardy pictures on the internet. Therefore, there is no way of verifying her hair and eye color.

Juanita Hardy Obituary

Is Juanita Hardy alive? It is the question in most people’s minds. However, there is no news regarding her death. Unfortunately, though, her ex-husband Sidney Poitier left this world on January 5, 2022, in his home in Los Angeles, California, United States. His close friend confirmed the news of Sidney Poitier death. However, Juanita seems silent about this matter. 

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