Lena Gieseke is a well-known German personality best known as the ex-wife of the American filmmaker, animator, and artist, Tim Burton. Nevertheless, she is also a multitalented personality, talented in embellishments specialist, painter, and intellectual. However, most of her fame came after marrying Tim even though she had made much progress in the arts industry.

Lena is very famous in Germany and without any doubt, she has also gained much fame in the Hollywood industry as a result of tying the marital knot with the filmmaker. Nevertheless, she is also highly educated and talented and has completed her education at well-reputed schools and colleges in the country. She met Tim at a party in London and that meeting later turned into wedding vows.

Lena Gieseke

Are Helena Bonham Carter and Lena Gieseke the same person?

Helena Bonham Carter is an English actress who has appeared in several movies and TV shows. However, she is best known for her appearance in the movie, Alice in Wonderland. Many people think that Helena Bonham Carter and Lena Gieseke are the same person. However, this is not true, the two are completely different people.

One common thing between these two ladies is that they had been in a relationship with Tim Burton at some point in time. However, the difference is that Lena even got married to Burton but Helena never married him. Even though Helena and Tim never married each other, Helena gave birth to two children with Tim Burton.

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How did Lena Gieseke Die?

Lena Gieseke is still alive and kicking. The multitalented personality is living a happy life even at the age of 58 years old. She was born on September 12, 1965, in Bremen, Germany. Besides, her zodiac sign is Virgo and she follows Christianity as her religion. Nevertheless, Lena is also very well-educated and talented. She completed her Ph.D. degree at the Universitat Stuttgart in 2012 before that she also earned an MFA degree in dramatic media from the University of Georgia in 2007.

Lena Gieseke

Is Lena Gieseke Associated with the Fight Club?

Fight Club is a 1999 movie in which we can see the appearance of Helena Bonham Carter. Suprisingly, Lena and Tim Burton are not associated with the movie at all. Chuck Palahniuk produced the movie and it was directed by David Fincher. However, as per some sources, Tim Burton stole the twist from the Fight Club in several of his movies and many of the audiences also claim that this exposes Tim Burton as a hack and a perpetrator of idea theft.

Is Lena Gieseke in Harry Potter?

As per the sources, Lena has not appeared in any series of Harry Potter until now. Moreover, Tim Burton is also not associated with the series in any way. However, sources claim that the worlds of Tim Burton and Harry Potter cinema are pretty much similar. Many of the Harry Potter characters and the characters in the movies and series directed by Tim Burton share similarities, which has also made fans think what if Tim Burton directed the Harry Potter Series?

Lena Gieseke

What is Lena Gieseke Net Worth?

Lena Gieseke has certainly earned a lot of money throughout her career as she has a very successful professional life. Tim Burton's ex-wife has earned from her career as an artist and on top of that, she has also appeared in several projects. Therefore, the total net worth of Lena Gieseke is estimated to be over $1 million. Besides, she earns an annual salary of $63,790 from her profession. Moreover, sources also claim that her revenue can reach over $200 thousand.

Is Lena Active on Instagram?

Even though she is related to an entertainment star and has also appeared in a few projects, Lena is nowhere to be seen on Instagram. Furthermore, she is also not available on any other social media platforms. This shows that Tim Burton's ex-spouse does not like to be active on social media and likes to spend her life privately away from all the chaos of the internet.

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