Have you watched The Sopranos and know the main character from that show? Yes, Liliana Gandolfini is the younger daughter of the person who portrayed that role. To be more specific, Liliana is the daughter of the Hollywood star James Gandolfini. James has appeared in several other TV Series and movies as well.

Liliana Gandolfini is not famous for any other reason as she is only known as James Gandolfini's younger daughter. Besides, we know that she was born to James' second wife. Even though her father is already dead, his fame is still alive in the entertainment industry, which is why Liliana is also famous on the internet.

Lilana Gandolfini

How Old Is Liliana Gandolfini?

Liliana was born and raised in Los Angeles, USA, on October 10, 2012. Therefore, the celebrity child's age is currently 11 years old. Her father is the late actor James Gandolfini and her mother's name is Deborah Lin. The celebrity couple raised their child very well and as a result, Liliana is also very well-mannered and appealing.

Her parents have also taken very well care of the little girl's education. Liliana is currently studying in an elementary school in Los Angeles and after she completes that, her parents might most probably send her to a private school. Besides, the celebrity child is also learning Mandarin (Chinese) as her mother hails from an Australian descent.

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Who is James Gandolfini?

Liliana Galdonfini as mentioned above is the younger daughter of James Gandolfini. But do you know who James Gandolfini is? James is a late actor and a well-celebrated name in the Hollywood industry best known for his appearance as Tony Soprano, the Italian-American Mafia, in the American TV Series, The Sopranos.

James is no more in this world but the works that he has done when he was alive have made a huge impact throughout the world. We can see his appearance in several projects, such as The Drop, Killing Them Softly, The Last Castle, the Juror, Guys Choice, Nicky Deuce, and many more.

Liliana Gandolfini

Does James Have Another Daughter?

James Gandolfini first married Marcy Wudarski in March 1999 and the couple gave birth to a son. His son's name is Michael Gandolfini. After that, he again married the model and actress Deborah Lin, who gave birth to Liliana. Therefore, it is clear that James does not have another daughter and only has a son from his first wife.

Liliana Gandolfini

What is Liliana Gandolfini Height?

Liliana Gandolfini is very young so her details have not been exposed on the internet until now. Therefore, we have no clue regarding her height, weight, or any other body measurements. However, we know that she is a cute and appealing child with beautiful brown eyes and dark brown hair. Besides, she is in a growing phase and there is no doubt that she will grow into a beautiful lady in the future.

How Much Is Gandolfini Net Worth?

As Liliana is just a small child, she is not involved in any type of work. Therefore, we can say that she does not have any net worth of her own. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that she will earn a lot if she follows her parent's footprints or starts something on her own in the future. Talking about her parents' net worth, her father had a net worth of over $70 million and her mother's net worth is $20 million.

Is Liliana Active on Instagram?

Liliana Gandolfini is not active on any social media platforms for now. The reason might be her age as she is very young to have her own Instagram profile. However, this might not be the exact reason why the celebrity child does not have an official Instagram account. Nevertheless, her father James also did not have an official Instagram account even though he was such a famous entertainment personality

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