Luba Farmiga is the mother of the famous Hollywood actress, Vera Farmiga. If you are into watching Hollywood movies, you might know Vera from the movie series, The Conjuring. Vera proudly brings her mother into the limelight and Luba is also very proud of her daughter's success. However, there is very little information about Luba on the internet for now.

Luba Farmiga did not engage herself in the entertainment industry ever. Instead, she actively embarked on a career in education. Regardless, no one from her family is in the entertainment industry, her daughter, Vera did exceptional work in all the movies that she appeared in until now. Let's get to know more about Luba, the celebrity mom from this article.

Luba Farmiga

How Old is Luba Farmiga?

Luba Farmiga was born in the late 1940s so her age might be around 80 years old as of 2023. However, the celebrity mother has not revealed her actual birth details until now. Talking about her birthplace, she was born in Ukraine and her parents' names are Nadia and Theodore Spas. Her parents immigrated from Ukraine to the USA when Luba was just a small child.

After that, Luba completed her education in the United States itself. The celebrity mother completed her high school degree at Union High School in Union, New Jersey. After that, she enrolled at Newark State College, currently known as Kean University, in 1967. Therefore, we can say that Luba is a very educated personality.

Has Luba Farmiga Appeared in Any Movies?

Even though her daughter is one of the famous personalities in the entertainment, Luba Farmiga has not appeared in any movies until now. As mentioned above, she was more into the teaching profession. Other than that she also worked as a bank officer at the National Westminster Bank for two years.

Furthermore, Luba Farmiga also worked as a receptionist and manager of the medical records department at Whitehouse Station Family Medicine. Therefore, we can say that the celebrity mother has worked in multiple niches but has never been involved in the entertainment industry. However, her daughter has gained huge popularity as a professional actress in Hollywood.

Luba Farmiga

Who Are in the Farmiga Family?

The Farmiga family comprises Luba herself, her husband, Michael, and their several children. Even though there are so many children, the Farmiga couple have never compromised in the way they take care of any of their children. Luba's actual name is Lubomyra and her husband is a system analyst-turned-landscaper. Besides, their children's names are; Vera, Taissa, Laryssa, Nadia Alexander, Stephan, and Victor.

How Many Children Does Luba Farmiga Have?

Luba Farmiga gave birth to a total of seven children. Out of these seven children, four of them are daughters and three of them are sons. Both Farmiga and her husband, Michael Farmiga loved them a lot and did not let any of their children down in terms of love and caring. Currently, all of Luba's children are well-settled and two children; Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga are active in the entertainment industry.

Luba Farmiga

Alexander Farmiga is one of Luba's three sons. Alexander is also active in the entertainment industry as a Television Star. However, he is better known as Vera Farmiga's brother. He is in the verse of tracing his sister's path and establishing himself in the entertainment industry or Hollywood. However, as he is a private person, not much about his current professional updates are available on the internet.

Is Luba Active on Facebook?

Luba Farmiga is not officially active on any social media platforms, including Facebook. She does not use any social media platforms but her daughters are very famous on Instagram, Facebook, and almost every social media site. However, we can find several photos of Luba with her children on the internet even though she is completely inactive on the Internet.

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