Suppose you love watching movies like Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes, then you must know Ned Dennehy. Ned Dennehy has played the role of Man with Roses in Sherlock Holmes and Scared man in Harry Potter. He is an award-winning actor at the Irish Film and Television Awards who has worked for more than two decades in the field of entertainment.

Despite his popularity, there is no information about his love life. Let find more information about the award winner acting and his working with the role in movies and TV shows.

Where was Ned Dennehy born?

Ned Dennehy was born in Ireland on 1965 December 8. His nationality is Irish with Caucasian ethnicity. His birth sign is Sagittarius, but unfortunately, we don't have any information about his parents. His education journey is also away from all kinds of media, and he hasn't shared anything about his education.

Ned Dennehy

How did Ned start his Professional Career?

Ned Dennehy started his education journey with the role of Shay in the TV show The Ambassador. Later on, he got a chance to work in the role of Village Priest in the movie King Arthur. In 2011, he played the role of Radnor in the movie Blitz. We can see him in the role of the main cast in the drama television show Banished. He has also worked in the role of Dinny Molloy in the television sitcom The Young Offenders. He is also known for his role in Peaky Blinders.

Has Dennehy won any awards?

In 2016, Ned Dennehy was a nominee at Irish Film and Television Awards for the title Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Drama for his performance in Dickensian. In 2016, he was a winner for Best Actor in a Supporting Role- Drama. In 2021, he was again nominee at Irish Film and Television Awards for the title Best Actor in a Supporting Role- Film.

Ned Dennehy

Is Ned Dennehy single?

Ned Dennehy hasn't shared any information about his love life. There are no resources where it has mentioned whether he is single or in a relationship. We even tried to find about his relationship on his social media, but he hasn't mentioned anything on his social media. It looks like the acting is single and hasn't got married yet.

He may have focused more on his career and didn't give more time to his love life and relationship. The actor is able to make a clear image in the eyes of all media, and till now, we haven't found any resources that say anything about the actor rumor and controversy.

How Tall is Ned Dennehy?

Ned Dennehy's height is 6 feet 1 inch. He is a man with an average body with a weight of 80kg. His eyes are blue in color with brown hair. The age of the actor is 56 years old, and he looks older than his age. He is still working on his latest movies and TV shows, and we will still find him on the upcoming screen with his role, and in 2020 he played the role of Lionel Brown in Outlander. 

Ned Dennehy

What is Ned Dennehy Net Worth?

The actor is able to have a net worth of $5 million with his acting journey. He has been working for more than two decades in many movies and TV shows which allow him to make a good amount. He has also played the role of the main cast in the TV show Banished. The actor is very passionate about acting and always gives his best in his role.

Is Ned active on social media?

Ned Dennehy is active on the Instagram platform, and he has 6590 followers on his Instagram account. He also decided to join Twitter in 2013, and till the date of joining, he has been able to have 1868 followers. In spite of Twitter and Instagram, he hasn't made any account or page on Facebook. We were unsuccessful in finding an account that belonged to him.

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