Remi Adeleke is a well-known name in the Nigerian entertainment industry, having worked in acting, directing, and writing. Hailed originally from Nigeria, Adeleke's work has carried him as far as Hollywood. Furthermore, he has worked in many movies like SEAL Team,  6 Underground, Transformers: The Last Knight, and so on.

Born in West Africa, he and his life story is one of tenacity, survival, and trusting in one's capacity to triumph over the difficulties that life throws at them. Remi Adeleke is living proof that failure is a disaster if you do not learn from it. He went from being wealthy to living in poverty, and then he started performing in movies and television.

What Is Remi Adeleke Age?

Remi began his life in Nigeria, where he was born, and spent the first few years of his childhood. Born in 1982, the multifaceted artist is 40 years of age. He came from an affluent background. The senior family member, his father, was a prominent Engineer and donor. He designed and built the first artificial island in the world. They had nannies, drivers, and other staff to help them with their children and household chores. 

Remi Adeleke

But tragedy hit his family. Remi relocated to the Bronx with his mother and brother following the demise of his father. It was there that he spent his childhood with extremely little financial poverty. In addition, he started stealing at the age of 8, and after graduating from high school, the African-American actor started dealing narcotics and operating a phony shoe company. 

What Are Remi Educational Qualifications?

Remi and the rest of his siblings went to a private school on Lago Island. He has a Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership and a Master of Science in strategic leadership. Both degrees were earned at the University of Charleston in West Virginia. 

Did Remi Adeleke Serve A High-Rank Navy Seal?

After a while, during which he made choices that he regretted, Remi enlisted in the Navy in 2002 and eventually trained to become a Navy SEAL. Following the conclusion of his distinguished career in the Navy in 2016, he decided to embark on a career as an actor and extemporaneous speaking instead.

Remi Adeleke

He was about to retire from SEAL and wanted to spend more time with his wife and family when he received a call from an employee of director Michael Bay. He explained that Bay was searching for former Navy SEALs to play tiny parts in his movie and that the filming would take place over a single day. His book Transformed premiered in 2019 and sold in good numbers across the globe.

Who Is Remi Adeleke Wife? 

Remi Adeleke was a SEAL till 2016. During that time, he found his wife, Jessica, and the couple was married in 2011. Since then, they have had two kids, Cayden and Caleb, the couple's two boys, who live with him and his wife Jessica in Southern California, where they have made their home. 

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What Is Remi Adeleke Net Worth?

Remi Adeleke has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He served as a NAVY soldier and SEAL afterward. Then he ventured into the entertainment industry, so it is fair to say the 40-year-old has accumulated a decent amount from his professions. "By the time I was 19, I was bringing in thousands and thousands of dollars", he said. Therefore he has incremented his wages through the entertainment industry and the sale of books.

Remi Adeleke

How Tall Is Remi Adeleke? 

Former U.S. Navy Seal, Adeleke stands tall at about 5 feet and 9 inches in height (175 cm), and his body weight is around 75 kilograms (166 lbs). He has a robust build body, thanks to all those insane training and workout he had during his time at the Navy. Besides, he has black eyes and black hair.

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