Skylene Montgomery is a notable former volleyball coach and beauty queen who has limelight in the media after married American former football player and coach Sean Payton. However, she is from the United States, more precisely in the city of Parkersburg, West Virginia. 

Soon after his divorce from his first wife in 2012, Montgomery and Peyton started dating. During many years spent together, they became deeply in love. The two were engaged and eventually married in 2021. She's gorgeous and has great potential, so why don't we look at her story?

How Old Is Skylene Montgomery?

Skylene Montgomery is 37 years of age. She was born on December 4, 1984, in the city of Parkersburg, which is located in the state of West Virginia, USA. Her birthday is on December 4, meaning she will be 38 in just two weeks' time. 

Skylene Montgomery

She was born under the star sign Sagittarius, and as a US-born, she holds American nationality. Apart from this, she spends his childhood with his parents, her father name is Skylar Montgomery and her mother's name is Darlene Montgomery. Skylar owns a local business, a garage door supply business.

Where Did Skylene Receive Her Education?

Skylene enrolled at Marshall University, earning a bachelor's degree in physiology after graduating high school from Petersburg South High Schoo. Then after earning her bachelor's degree, she continued her studies at West Virginia University, where she majored in communications and nursing and worked toward earning her master's degree.

Is Skylene Montgomery Miss West Virginia 2008?

Montgomery became successful in her modeling endeavor, and in 2008 she was given the title of Miss West Virginia USA. She first competed at the state level and then participated in the 57th annual Miss USA Pageant. 

Skylene Montgomery

She was given the appropriate amount of exposure as a direct outcome of the entire occurrence. In addition, it helped her build her savings, which she subsequently put into her education through scholarships and grants.

When did Skylene Montgomery Marry Sean Payton?

Skylene Montgomery and Sean Payton tied the wedding knot on June 18, 2021, in Mexico after dating for nearly a decade. The two initially crossed paths in 2012 in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. She worked two city jobs to pay off her college debts. 

After starting a relationship, Montgomery decided to relocate to New Orleans in 2013 to be closer to Payton for his profession. Payton proposed to her in 2019 with a beautiful engagement ring. After two years of their betrothal, they married last year. They have welcomed two children, Connor Payton and Meghan Payton.

What Is Skylene Montgomery Net Worth?

Skylene Montgomery's nursing career contributed $3 million to her overall net worth. She is presently working in the nursing profession within the medical industry. Montgomery has a solid financial foundation thanks to her years of experience in various professions, earning her a healthy salary. Besides, her husband, the former NFL player Sean Payton has a net worth of $24 million.

Skylene Montgomery

Is Skylene Montgomery Available On Instagram?

The 37-year-old former model does not use social media. As a result, she has no Instagram account. It is unknown why she prefers life away from social media; only she knows. Meanwhile, her husband, Sean, is also unavailable on Instagram. There is some unofficial account with his name and images, but those are not verified. However, he has a blue-ticked Twitter account with 405.7K followers.

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What Is Skylene Montgomery Height?

Skylene Montgomery is around 5 feet and 7 inches (170 cm) tall in height and weighs about 60 kg. Her other measurements are 36 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 38 inches in circumference. Her regular exercise has helped her keep her body in fine shape. Her exercise routine comprises things like yoga, golf, band training, and boxing.

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