Many may know Steve Deleonardis for his youtube channel "Steve Will Do It" and his work with Nelk boys. Steve is a content creator known for pranks and challenging videos. Fans love his content. The YouTuber entertains his viewers through Viral Challenges and entertaining videos. 

Steve's youtube channel has over 4.5 million subscribers, with millions of views. The audience cherishes this YouTuber for his bold personality and kind behavior. Over a few years, Deleonardis has been famous worldwide, catching public attention to his personal life. Here, we shall inform you of the details about Steve's life.

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How Old is Steve Deleonardis?

Youtuber Steve Deleonardis was born on August 26, 1998, making him age of about 24-years-old. Steve was born and raised in Oviedo, Florida, by both parents. Unfortunately, Deleonardis's parent's information is unknown; we shall update upon finding the required details, but his parents are featured in Steve's videos. 

The YouTuber was raised with his siblings, sister Brianna Deleonardis and brother Rocco Deleonardis. Steve Deleonardis shares a deep and strong bond with his family. He often posts pictures of his parents on his Instagram account. Sadly, we could not find any news related to the content creator's education.

Steve Deleonardis

How did Steve start his Youtube journey?

Deleonardis started his youtube journey with NEIK, which has more than 7 million subscribers. NEIK is a Canadian Youtube channel known for its pranks and podcast with famous personalities. NEIK's popular podcast is with former President Donald Trump, whom Steve even gifted Rolex. Besides this, the man also established an Alcohol Company called "Happy Dad." 

 He later started his youtube channel in 2019 named SteveWillDoIt, where Steve posts challenging videos like consuming a large amount of food within a limited time. As a result, the YouTuber gained a huge no of subscribers in a small period. As of now, SteveWillDoIt has over a 4.5million subscribers. Viewers appreciate Steve's content and his creativity. Before Youtube, Steve was interested in Bodybuilding.

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Who is Steve Deleonardis girlfriend?

Steve is in a committed relationship with Celina Smith. Celina is an American model and Instagrammer. The couple met during high school. Celina was rumored about cheating on Steve, which eventually led to a breakup, but the duo is back together after sorting out the differences. Celina and Steve seem to be madly in love with each other. Smith is also featured in several of Deleonardis's YouTube videos.

Steve Deleonardis

Is Steve active on social media?

The Youtuber is active on various social media platforms. He has an Instagram account with about 3.5 million followers. Deleonardis also has over 225K followers on his Twitter account. This good-looking Youtuber posts pictures of his day-to-day endeavors. He loves to share his happiness with fans. We can see Steve enjoying his life to the fullest through social media.

This content creator does share his beautiful moments enjoyed with friends and family with his followers. Additionally, Steve does use his accounts to promote videos and brands as well. Overall, it's refreshing to scroll through this young Youtuber's social media accounts.

What is Steve Deleonardis Net Worth?

Creating good content for the last few years, Steve is blessed with immense wealth along with his fame. This extremely talented YouTuber has an estimated net worth of around $4 million. The major source of his income is his youtube channel for his creative content. Besides this, Steve makes money through sponsorship, Brand deals, Paid collaboration, and many more. Deleonardis lives a luxurious life with branded cars, as per his videos. This good-looking Youtuber also conducts giveaways gifting branded cars to his fans and subscribers.

Steve Deleonardis

What is Steve Deleonardis Height?

Steve has an attractive body along with a charming height. The Youtuber stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches. Deleonardis seems to be passionate about his physical health and daily workout. In addition, he has expressive dark brown eyes and lustrous hair with a heavenly smile. Overall, the good-looking YouTuber has a great physique with a lovely personality, which would impress the public.    

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