Celebrity Husbands are always the topic of discussion due to the wife's success. It is a similar case for Steven Kavovit, who became famous after being known to the world as Meredith Monroe Husband. Apart from that, Steven Kavovit is a brilliant massage therapist by profession. The limelight has often hit Steven due to Meredith's extreme popularity.

His wife Monroe is a well-known actress and has done exceptional works in top movies such as Dawson’s creek and Criminal Minds. This article, however, is dedicated to her husband, Steven. Let us learn more about the life of Steven in this article.

What is Steven Kavovit Age?

In 2022, his age could be around 56 years at this writing. We are assuming this as there are no details related to his birthdate, which is still missing from the internet. But, we predicted his age based on Meredith's interview where she stated Steven is 5 years older than her. Since Meredith is 51, we can easily deduce Steven Kavovit age is 56 years old. He was born in the great nation of  America, and his ethnicity is caucasian. Growing up, he had a brilliant childhood time which he shared with his beloved brother.

Meredith Monroe

Are Andrew and Steven Kavovit brothers?

Yes, both Steven Kavovit and Andrew Kavovit are related through blood. Just like his wife, Andrew is also a renowned American actor and media sensation. After their marriage, the fan questions his wife’s social media account. Finally, after a couple of days, she disclosed that Andrew Kavovit was her brother-in-law by relationship. 

Where Did Steven receive His Education?

Steven Kavoit has studied Wellness and body portion from a great university and earned his hard-earned certified Message Therapist degree. Different sources report that he has finished his primary and secondary education at his hometown school.

How did Steven begin his professional career?

As aforementioned above, Steven Kavovit is a licensed massage therapist. However, not much is disclosed about the entire career timeline. While on the other hand, Steven's wife, Meredith Kavoit, is a renowned American actress well known for her awesome performance infamous drama shows such as Dawson's Creek, Criminal Minds, and 13 Reasons Why. She has been active in the entertainment world since 1997 and lately could be seen playing the role of Ainsely in the episode titled; S.W.A.T in the year 2018. 

Steven Kavovit

When did Meredith Monroe and Steven Kavovit get married?

Steve Kavoit is a happily married man and is lucky to have a lovely and well-accomplished woman, Meredith Leigh Monroe, now known as Meredith Kavoit. In 1998, several rumors came up as several different dating allegations against Meredith. Finally, however, she disclosed that she went to get engaged to Steven Kavovit in 1998.

Hence, a year after their initial meeting, the famous actress is known for Dawson’s Creek tied her wedding knot in 1999 in beautiful  Hawaii. The couple has a healthy relationship and lives happily with their two adorable kids.

What is Steven Kavovit Net Worth?

Besides being a great husband, he also works as a massage therapist. Since being a massage therapist is the only source of his income, His net worth is around $ 500 K as of May 2022. Similarly, Steven's Wife Meredith has an estimated net worth of $2 million. 

Steven Kavovit

What is Steven Kavovit Height?

The dashing Steven Kavovit stands at a decent height of  5 feet and 9 inches and weighs around 78 kg. He has a typical Caucasian face and owns brown hair and dark brown eyes. His name is often related to a Lacrosse player of the same name. He is a fit guy and stays in shape to improve his overall health. 

Is Steven active on social media?

Unfortunately, Steve Kavovit is not active on social media sites. Kavoit does not have an official Instagram, Twitter, or the Facebook page does not exist at the time of this writing. However, his wife has an active Instagram account with huge following.

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