Troy Dendekker is an astounding musician and drug activist. She was spotlighted in the media after she married Bradley Nowell, who is still dearly loved even after his demise. Bradley Nowell, a well-known American musician, played the guitar and sang lead for the ska punk band Sublime. Troy is proud to claim her identity as Nowell's widow in the media.

Songs like Smoke two joints, Santeria, What I Got, etc., are the band Sublime's evergreen songs. They are still many listeners’ favorites, and details about Bradley’s death are still highly researched. Troy is also a topic of interest to many fans even today, and they want to know more about what she is doing today. Stick to this article to find out more about Troy. 

Troy Dendekker

How old is Troy Dendekker?

On March 8th, 1971, Troy Dendekker was born in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. She is the daughter of David and Robin Newton and was raised in her hometown. She is native to the United States and of Caucasian ethnicity. Details about her family and siblings are not out on the internet. Talking about her education, she graduated from Notre Dame High School. Other information about her early life is not available in the media. 

What does Troy Dendekker do Now?

Troy Dendekker is a musician and drug activist. There is no information available regarding her beginning a career in the music industry. Her motivation for being a drug activist is quite personal. She has not moved on from her ex-husband's overdose death and is doing is working as an activist out of love.

Who is Troy Dendekker ex-husband?

She happens to be Bradley Nowell ex-wife, a well-known American musician. In a Hawaiian-themed wedding held in Las Vegas, they exchanged their vows in 1996. The couple officially started dating in the early nineties when Nowell was supposedly on one of his tours, though it is unclear how they actually met. They had a baby together, and Troy proved herself a very strong single mother. Bradley Nowell died after a week of their marriage.

Troy Dendekker

Is Troy Dendekker Married?

She got married to Kiki Holmes after Bradley. The wedding took place on November 1st, 2002. Over more than 15 years, they were married to one another and looked happy. They shared three kids on their 15-year-long journey. Despite their closeness and devotion, the couple filed for divorce on July 25, 2018, according to the records. 

It appears that she hasn't let go of her memories of her time together with Bradley. The 52-year-old is seen sharing pictures of Bradley on social media, demonstrating her affection for him even recently. In the wake of her husband's passing, she organizes awareness campaigns on drug abuse to show her love for him.

What is Troy Dendekker Net Worth?

Troy’s net worth is reportedly 1 million $USD. She makes all of her money from her music and from being a part-time activist about drug addiction. She helps out artists and the general public with their addiction. She seems to be living a very lavish life with four kids. Details about her house are not available on the internet.

Troy Dendekker

How Tall is Troy Dendekker?

Troy has a lean and athletic body. She weighs about 56 kilograms and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She exercises frequently and sticks to a strict diet. Regarding her appearance, she is fair-skinned and has light-brown eyes. She is in her early 50s, yet she still has blonde hair and is very attractive.

Is Troy Active on Social Media Platforms?

Troy only seems to be active on Instagram and no other social media platforms. She is on Instagram as @mamatroypa and has 17.9k followers. She has 5,988 posts, and she follows 2,458 accounts there. She frequently posts there, and fans love her posts. 

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