Amelia Draper is a renowned American meteorologist and television personality currently working at the NBC meteorology department. She is a member of NBC's StormTeam 4 located in Washington, DC, and has been serving the TV station since March 2013. As per our analysis, there has been a hike in Amelia Draper searches on the internet. The reason is because of Amelia Draper new baby, born not so long ago.

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Nowadays, the celebrity baby is inherently popular. It's as if the media is continually knocking on their door, waiting for anything to happen so that they can break the news first. The same thing happened with Amelia, which is our topic for today. You will learn more about Amelia Draper baby, a little about the father, and the baby name. 

Amelia Draper

Born on December 11, 1986, Amelia Draper is 35 years of age. She was a resident of Frederick, Maryland, USA. Grew up in a family of four, Amelia has a brother whose name is not yet disclosed by her. However, her parents are Mari Segal (mother) and Dave Segal (father). They are from a white ethnic tribe. 

Moving towards her career, Amelia has been passionate about sports since she could remember. She was very fond of snowboarding, Ski jet, and ice hockey. Later, she turned her passion into a successful career. 

Amelia Draper

When did Amelia Draper have her baby?

It is probably the worst time to be alive in the history of humankind, as the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc upon us, sending wave after wave. And it is multiplied a hundred times worse for a pregnant woman. Almost every hospital is piled up with Covid patients, lack of enough medicines, medical personnel, and even services are cut short. And then there is fear of the virus. In addition, not an ideal time to be born in this world. 

Despite all the difficulties Amelia went through in labor, hospital runs, and all that, she had a boy child in October last year. However, the birth of a baby is still kept a secret, and the exact date of delivery is not made public. She tweeted about taking maternity leave on October 1, 2021, with her co-workers Erika Gonzalez.

Amelia Draper

Erika and Amelia hosted their baby shower in July 2021 through a virtual medium. On August 17, 2021, Erika was blessed with a son, but Amelia, whose due date is almost around, Erika has not shared anything on her delivery news. Some sources reported she gave birth to a son, but we have no hard truth details yet.

Who is Amelia Draper husband?

Amelia Draper has been in a marriage relationship with her long-time boyfriend-husband Matthew Draper. They were married in May 2016. Aside from that, there is no additional information concerning their wedding or dating experiences. Nevertheless, the happy couple has been married for more than six years.

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