If we were to borrow the exact words from his Wikipedia Page, Dinesh D'Souza is an Indian-American right-wing. He is a well-known Indian-born American conservative political pundit, filmmaker, author, and conspiracy theorist. Meanwhile, his former spouse Dixie Brubaker is a businesswoman. In today's article, we are diving inside their relationship. What caused Dinesh D'Souza and Dixie Brubaker Divorce? Let's find out. Shall we?

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But before that, let's have a brief introduction of both parties first. We have already written a full bio of Dixie Brubaker in our previous articles. She was born sometime in the year 1970 somewhere in the United States. For the 51 years old American citizen Dixie has shared only a few pieces of information with the media. 

Dixie Brubaker Divorce

Now moving toward Dinesh D'Souza, he was born Dinesh Joseph D'Souza on April 25, 1961, in Mumbai, India. He held both American and Indian citizenship. Similarly, the 60 years old is the leader of the American Republican party. In addition, Dinesh was from a middle-class Indian family, and his parents were Goan Catholics. Dinesh came to the USA in 1978 via a student visa and began his career as a writer and author before making his grand entrance in American politics.

How were their marriage relationships?

Dinesh and Dixie kept most of their relationship story a secret. It all only came out after the feud began between them. Before dating Dixie, Dinesh was in a relationship with fellow conservative journalists duo Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham. While working in Washington DC, Dinesh met Dixie for the first time and immediately fell in love.

Dixie Brubaker Divorce

However, the date of their first date is not known. The pair got married in 1992. Dinesh and Dixie settled in California before Dinesh relocated to New York. They were blessed with a baby girl in 1995. She is now an author and a member of the Women for Trump Coalition. Her name is Danielle D'Souza Gill. 

What is the reason behind  Dixie Brubaker Divorce from Dinesh D'Souza?

After Dinesh moved to New York, he could not give his wife and daughter adequate time. They faced problems anyone would face in a busy long distant relationship. So it was the first start of their failed marriage. In 2014, Dixie sent a letter to the judge stating physical abuse by Dinesh when he was being jailed for political funding fraud.

Dixie Brubaker Divorce

Her words were, "in April 2012... he, using his purple belt karate abilities, kicked me in the head and shoulder, bringing me to the ground and inflicting injuries that plague me today." However, Dinesh's attorney Benjamin Brafman denied Dixie's accusation as absolutely baseless. Moreover, in an interview with Vanity Fair, D'Souza accused Brubaker of intimate relationships with another man. 

The two finally went separate ways in 2012 after twenty years of marriage. In 2016, Dinesh tied the knot with a conservative political activist, Deborah Fancher. They were married in San Diego. Deborah already had two children he met D'Souza.

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