Is Rajesh Nihalani married or not? This is a hot topic for many audiences since there are many rumors regarding his partner. Rajesh is a fashion designer and tailor who owns the London-based fashion line Imperial Tailoring. He is famous for designing the best quality clothes, and reportedly many famous people get their clothes from him.

There are many controversies regarding Rajesh marrying his wife for the name and fame she has. Reportedly, his wife was not even ready for them to get married. Many people want to know the truth behind his marriage and who he is married to. Stick to this article to know if Rajesh Nihalani is married and if these rumors are true. 

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Rajesh Nihalani married

Is Rajesh Nihalani Married?

Rajesh Nihalani is a happily married man. He officially engaged to his beautiful wife, Archie Punjabi, in 1998. She is famous for acting in movies and TV Shows; I know this is true; she is still open all hours, Power Monkeys, etc. She has a total of six wins and 15 nominations. In addition, Archie is also famous for her voiceover as Tilda Madison in BoJack Horseman. 

Rajesh Nihalani married

Rajesh and Archie look like a very happy couple even though it was an arranged marriage. They are wealthy, and together they live a very lavish life. They don’t have kids now and are seen traveling with each other. They are a power couple of too many Archie fans out there. They are adored very much, and this successful couple has huge fans.

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Was Archie Not Ready to Marry Rajesh?

Archie and Rajesh are a very happy couple now, but they have a very interesting story about them before they were married. Archie, an independent and empowered woman, had no plans to get married anytime soon. Right then, her parents and Rajesh’s parents arranged their marriage and wanted them to meet each other. Despite not having plans to marry, Archie went to see Rajesh.

Rajesh Nihalani married

After meeting each other, both of them felt like getting married to each other. Archie stated in an interview that Rajesh’s honesty and generosity made her fall for him, and she agreed to marry him for that. They had a gorgeous wedding in the presence of their friends and family.  She is always talking about how supportive her husband is of her decisions. This wonderful couple has been married for over two decades and is very happy with each other. 

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