John Deacon is a former musician and a band member of the British rock band Queen. John married his lifelong lover Veronica Tetzlaff in 1975, and they are the parents of six children. We will briefly describe John Deacon and Veronica Tetzlaff children in this write-up.

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If you're a fan of 90s rock songs, then you might have Queen's music in your playlist. Queen has given us some of the legendary songs of the music genre, such as Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, We Will Rock You, The Show Must Go On, and the list goes on. The band line-up the lead vocalist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor, and bassist John Deacon

John Deacon

When did John Deacon and Veronica Tetzlaff get married?

The lovely duo John Deacon and Veronica Tetzlaff got married on January 18, 1975. As per our reliable sources, the two met in a disco bar for the first time, and they started seeing each other afterward.

After a few years, they tied the knot and became husband and wife. Moreover, Queen's single No I'm Here was released a day before their marriage as a tribute to their wedding. 

John Deacon

Who are John Deacon and Veronica Tetzlaff children?

At the time of their wedding, Tetzlaff was already two months into her pregnancy. Hence, on July 18, 1975, they were blessed with Robert, their first of six children. Similarly, their second child Michael was born on February 3, 1978. Finally, Laura Deacon was third in the row, born on June 25, 1979.

John Deacon

Furthermore, before they had Cameron, their last kid, on 7 November 1993, they welcomed Joshua and Luke as fourth and fifth offspring respectively. The family of eight now resides in Putney, South West London.

How was John Deacon and Veronica Tetzlaff early life?

John Deacon was born on the 19th of August 1951 in London Road, Leicester. His father, Arthur Henry, who worked at an insurance company Norwich Union named him John Richard Deacon. John is currently 69 years old as of 2021. Likewise, John, his father Arthur, and his mother Lilian Molly Deacon moved to Oadby in 1960. 

Deacon or nicknamed Deacy, was very jovial of soul music and learned to play electronic musical instruments from his early days. Later in 1965, John formed a band while he was at school, The Opposition. It was the groundwork of his career, and he later joined Queen in 1971. And as they say, the rest is history.

Meanwhile, his spouse Veronica Tetzlaff was born to a strict Catholic devout family in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. She is of Polish origin and holds English nationality. After graduating from Maria Assumpta Teacher Training College, Veronica worked as a nanny.

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