Tim Matheson is a versatile American actor and director. His most recent television series is the CBS supernatural drama Evil, where he played the role of Edward Tragoren for two episodes in 2021. Fans are debating whether Tim Matheson Kids are about to make an entrance in the show business.

Know More about Tim Matheson Second Wife : Megan Murphy Matheson

The multidisciplinary actor has been in several movies since her venture into the acting world; He has given remarkable performances in films such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017), The Mystery of the Chinese Junk (1967), A Very Unlucky Leprechaun (1998), The Story of Us (1999), and more.

Tim Matheson Kids

Matheson made his cinematic debut in 1961 in the television series Window on Main Street in the minor role of Roddy Miller. Coming to 2022, and with more than six decades of filming experience, he has appeared in uncountable tv shows. Some of his popular television series are The Good Fight (2018), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2013), Killing Reagan (2016), and a few animated movies where he voice acted.

Who are Tim Matheson Kids?  

The 74-year-old American actor has three kids. They are two daughters, Molly Matheson and Emma Matheson, and a son Cooper Matheson. They all are children of Tim Matheson and her second wife, Megan Murphy Matheson. 

Tim Matheson Kids

The firstborn of the three is Molly, born in 1987, two years after their parents' wedding. She is 35 years old. Then a year later, in 1988, Emma came into the world. Emma celebrated her 34th birthday this year. And lastly, after six years, Tim and his wife Megan welcomed her third and final child Cooper Matheson, who turns 28 in 2022.

However, Tim has successfully kept all of his offspring far away from the radar of the media limelight. Neither he nor his ex-wife Megan has contributed anything to disclose any details of their kids. Therefore, their present whereabouts and profession are still a mystery and under review.

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How is Tim Matheson Married Life?

Tim Matheson has married three times in his life. His first nuptials was with Canadian actress Jeniffer Leak. In 1968, on the set of the film Yours, Mine, and Ours, Tim first met Jennifer. And not long after, they were both married. After barely three years of marriage, they divorced one another in 1971 without giving birth to kids.

Tim Matheson Kids

Similarly, Matheson married a second time after fourteen years in 1985. Megan Murphy Matheson is his second spouse. Copper, Emmy, and Molly were their three sharing children. After eleven years of marriage, they eventually divorced. After that, in 2018, he wed Elizabeth Marighetto, a third marriage. Besides, they are still together and married as of 2022, nestling in California.

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