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With the rise of various social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktoks, several socialites are also on the steep rise. A Socialite is often an attention-seeking individual who prefers living a vivid life. Today's session will be rambling about a socialite, Andrea Hissom age, her birthday, and a brief intro of her husband.

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Andrea, although being a socialite, also has a second identity. She is the wife of Steve Wynn, an American real estate developer and a billionaire. Steve dedicated his entire life to the well-being of American hotels and casinos. He is also a prominent member of the Republican Party, serving since 1995.

What is Steve Wynn wife Andrea Hissom age?

Andrea Hissom gave two reasons to her parents to embellish on the very first day of the year 1970. She came to our cherished world on January 1st that year. Thus since this year's new year Andrea Hissom Age is 52. Whereas his husband Steve has touched 80 this year. The age gap between the two is 30 years on the upper end. Now diving into her early life, Andrea was born in Hertfordshire, England. Thus she is British by birth.

Andrea Hissom Age

She was born to Arlena Novack (mother) and Victor Danenza (father). She is a grand-niece of Ben Novack, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel founder. Andrea had a very unpleasant childhood. Her mother expired when he was just a little girl. Meanwhile, her father, Victor, was accused of several immoral operations over the years. He fled to France in 1976 because Victor was under federal probe for several securities fraud.

Andrea Hissom Age

Where is Andrea Hissom living now?

The 52-year-old celebrity wife Andrea Hissom lives a lavishing life in New York with her husband Steve Wynn and children. The couple also has two children, Alex Hissom and Nick Hissom, from Andrea's previous husband. Although Andrea is a fashion designer professionally, she gained the celebrity gig after getting married to Steve.

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After dating for a while, the couple officially became husband and wife in 2011. Marriage with Andrea was his second marriage after he divorced Elaine Farrell Pascal in 2010. As per multiple rumors, Andrea was the main catalyst behind the separation of Steve and Elaine.

Andrea Hissom Age

Who was Andrea Hissom first husband?

Andrea was previously married to Robert David Hissom, an American banker. Robert used to work at Aspen Capital Partners Ltd. He was a finance analyst and advisor there. There are only a few details available about her relationship with Robert.

Besides, we also have no sight of their wedding date and divorce date either. Nick and Alex are their kids. Besides, Andrea is also a stepmother of Gillian Wynn and Kevyn Wynn from Steve's first marriage.

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