Are Penelope Wilton and Kevin Doyle Married? That is one hot topic hurdling on the internet right now. The British historical drama television series Downtown Abbey stars Penelope, and Kevin has long been a friend and ally. But are they in a secret relationship? Find out in the following article.

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Penelope, a warhorse in the world of entertainment, is a British actress who has played in innumerable movies and television shows following her debut in 1969. She commenced her career in acting as a stage artist starring in broadway King Lear by William Shakespeare. She had the role of Cordelia.

Are Penelope Wilton and Kevin Doyle Married

Are Penelope Wilton and Kevin Doyle Married?

It will create a massive wave of mayhem in the movie industry if the rumors of Penelope Wilton and Kevin Doyle getting married secretly are confirmed. But fortunately, it is just another groundless rumor circulating in the media for no apparent reason. They are busy in their respective lives and nowhere to be seen together in recent times.

Penelope Wilton was born Dame Penelope Alice Wilton on June 3, 1976, and celebrated her 76th birthday a month ago in June. She and Kevin both star in the ITV drama series Downtown Abbey

Are Penelope Wilton and Kevin Doyle Married

Penelope portrayed the role of a widowed woman Isobel Crawley whereas Kevin was seen in the role of Joseph Molesley, a butler. Even in the series, there was never any romantic intrigue between the two. So why the rumors are flying high at the moment, the reason is unknown. Reports say they are both single right now and have not been linked to anyone.

Moreover, they reunited in the 2019 spin-off movie of the series with the same name Downtown Abbey. In addition, they have both signed to contract to appear in its sequel movie Downton Abbey: A New Era releasing this year.

Who is Penelope Wilton Husband?

In her lifetime, Penelope has had two marriages. Her two marriages each lasted for close to 10 years. Penelope married actor Daniel Massey, who played Daniel in 1975's The Roads to Freedom. In 1977, she and Daniel welcomed a girl named Alice into the world. Additionally, they had a stillborn child a year before. Their relationship, however, failed in 1984.

Are Penelope Wilton and Kevin Doyle Married

Penelope also co-starred in the BBC series The Borrowers in 1992 with the late actor Ian Holm, whom she married in 1991. The pair had a good relationship and appeared together on a few additional shows before divorcing in 2001. Since then, Penelope has been enjoying living by herself. She allegedly dated Kevin Doyle at one point, according to a rumor.

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