Ayden Mekus parents are happy and proud to have him as a son. Here in the given article, we will be exploring his parents and many more aspects of his life. In short, the young Ayden is an excellent teenage American actor known for playing the character of Max Grainger in the short movie; The Lilac Thief

In addition, he is also known for being the owner of the clothing line named; Positive Choice Apparel. The young man has also begun his career from YouTube. 

Who are Ayden Mekus Parents ?

Ayden Mekus's parents are Larry Mekus (father) and Maria Mekus (mother). Both Ayden's parents are involved in the clothing business line; Positive Choice Apparel. His father is a businessman and co-founder alongside Ayden, while his mother also supports them. Together the family of three is doing good business. 

Ayden Mekus

Are They Supportive of his Career?

Yes, Ayden Mekus has got ample support from his father and mother. Whether it be his acting career or helping Ayden in his Positive Choice Apparel clothing line, they are ideal parents who want their child to succeed in life and do whatever is in their power and their child to reach their optimum best. Ayden is also a  good son and listens and respects his parents. 

When did Ayden Mekus Embark on His Acting Journey? 

The young American heartthrob Ayden Mekus started his acting journey from the short movie Chocolate Chip Cookies, where he played the character of Charlie. He has also given his excellent acting skills in movies that include Utensils, Critical Sandle and Son

Ayden Mekus

Mekus has also made his acting skills felt in TV shows like Dhar Mann. He has also acted alongside Dhar Mann in the episode. Given Actor Quits While on Set. At present, Ayden is busy with his acting projects and working hard to become one of the best entertainers in the USA. 

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Is Ayden Mekus In Love?

As of January 2022, Ayden Mekus is possibly single, But from several reports gathered, we came to know that Ayden separated and later broke up with his former partner, Claire Rock Smith. The ex-couple explained why they broke up in the first place in a YouTube video.

Ayden Mekus

The former pair broke as the result of some internal reasons. The actual cause of their breakup has not been revealed as yet. Nonetheless, they are still good friends; Ayden is a natural lover and has also dated Symonne Harrison. Besides being an excellent actress, Symonne is also a renowned YouTuber and skilled dancer. In conclusion, even though Ayden is single right now, do not be surprised if he finds the girl of his dreams shortly. 

Ayden Mekus Age and Height Explored 

Ayden Mekus's age is 16 as Mekus was born on 2 August 2005 in North Carolina, United States of America. From his birth month of August, we knew that his zodiac sign is Leo. He is the holder of American nationality and owns a white ethincity background.

Similarly, the handsome teen also stands at the height of  5 feet 7 inches (1.70 cm) and maintains his overall weight at 57 kg (125 lbs). Looking at him, we realized that he is the owner of a slim body build. He is in the peak of his youth and fit as the boys his age usually are. His ocean blue theme-colored eyes and short but well-kept, silky Auburn hair match his overall personality nicely. 

Ayden Mekus Net Worth. How Rich is He?

Ayden Mekus has collected a  net worth of $ 1 million. Most of his wealth comes from his acting profession and his business practices from Positive Choice Apparel. Also, he earns he has gained a significant sum of income from ad commercials such as  Google Project Search Light, LilGadgets Headphones, and many more.

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