Catherine with Alan Ritchson

Catherine Ritchson is one beautiful woman and is considered the luckiest woman to be married to the heartthrob of many, Alan Ritchson. However, it is Alan who finds himself the luckiest to be married for 16 years now. The couple has an unbreakable bond and lives happily with their three kids.

Know More about the life of : Catherine Ritchson

Many fans are curious to know more about Alan Ritchson's wife. Catherine Ritchson is popular among Alan's fan community and it seems she has a fanbase of her own. Here in this article, we will be discussing Catherine Ritchson age. 

What is Catherine Ritchson age?

 Your curiosity has been piqued to know about her age. Through some thorough research, we have found her exact birthday and age. Catherine Ritchson age is 32 years old. She celebrates her birthday every year on March 20. The proof of this is the birthday post from her husband on his Instagram account. 

catherine ritchson age

How is the marriage between Catherine and Alan?

Catherine and Alan just clicked when they met each other. The couple married on May 13, 2006, in the presence of close friends and family. For more than 16 years, the couple has been living a very happy life and sharing every joy and sorrow coming their way. The beautiful couple also has three sons together and are parenting their children to become good adults in society. 

catherine ritchson age

Catherine Ritchson short bio

Catherine Ritchson was born in the United States of America on March 20, 1989. Currently, it seems she is now a homemaker taking care of her family and three little sons. However, Catherine Ritchson net worth is somewhere around a hundred thousand dollars. Catherine Ritchson height is somewhere around 5 feet which perfectly complements her. She is married to American actor Alan Ritchson, currently known for his role in Reacher.

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