What is Charlie Fouquet Age?

Charley Fouquet is a famous French actress who has been working in the entertainment industry for a long time now. After working on movies and shows generally for the local area, Charley Fouquet entered the American Television industry from the hit Netflix show "Emily in Paris." People who noticed her on the series are very interested in knowing about her age and achievements. In this article, we will be discussing analyzing her birthday and age.

Charley Fouquet Age

What is Charley Fouquet age?

Charley Fouquet has just entered Hollywood, and details about her age are unknown to the public and the general media. However, she celebrates her birthday on the 16th of October every year. Through her long range of filmography, we can easily predict her age at around 40-50 years old. In Emily in Paris, she played the role of Catherine Lambert, the wife of Maison Lavaux's owner, Antoine Lambert.

Charley Fouquet Birthday

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Seeing how William Abadie (who played the role of Antoine) is around 45 years old, we can predict that the show's producers must have cast Charley, finding her at a similar age. Also, Charley started performing in theaters in 1998. So if we expect she began in her twenties, we can say that she has crossed the age of 40. 

Charley Fouquet Age

When did Charley start her professional acting career?

After joining a theatrical production in 1998, Charley has been very active in her career as an actress. She must have found the area of writing interesting as well, as she started her career as an author in 2011. Her list of filmographies always included works from France, but that changed in 2019. Although she is frequently seen on television and big screens, Charley is a private person regarding her relationships and data. With her dedicated acting, she has amassed a monthly income of $350,000 to $500,000. Furthermore, Fouquet has now created her agency named Charlie's Angels Voices.

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