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Talking about a celebrity kid, Dakota Paul Brinkman was among the brunch. Dakota Brinkman is a US-born gifted actor who has appeared in various acting projects. He is recognized in 97' erotic foil Laws of Deception as Young Evan. Moreover, Dakota has appeared in other movies such as Safe Harbour and Shay.

In the 2007 movie Safe Harbour, Dakota played alongside Brad Johnson and Liana Liberato, including her mother, Melissa Gilbert. Thus, Dakota was initially born famous because of her mother, apart from his identity. Brinkman is the eldest of Melissa Gilbert's children. Moreover, Melissa is among those versatile and bold actresses of that era. This page will exploit the mother-son relationship between Melissa and Dakota. 

Dakota Paul Brinkman

How is the early life of Dakota Paul Brinkman?

Dakota Brinkman had his birth on the 1st of May, 1989. The Native New Yorker holds an American nationality, and his star sign is Taurus. The soon to be 33 years old actor had a very pleasant childhood, as one would expect a celebrity kid will have.

Dakota is the blessing of his mother, Melissa Gilbert, and his first husband, Bo Brinkman, also an actor. They got divorced in 1992, and Melissa got married to Bruce Boxleitner. Melissa and Bruce's marriage survived for 16 years before finally hitting the brick wall. After that, in 2013, Melissa got married again to Timothy Busfield, making it third in the spin. 

Does Dakota Brinkman have siblings?

Dakota has three half brothers from his mother's remarriage with Bruce Boxleitner but no biological siblings. Sam and Lee Boxleitner are older, while Michael is the youngest. They share a good bond and chemistry despite not being brothers through blood. In addition, Dakota is a distant cousin of Sharon Tate.

Dakota Paul Brinkman

How is Dakota relationship with Melissa Gilbert?

Melissa Gilbert was a very successful and accomplished actress in the movie industry. Melissa has been nominated for various awards for her incredible acting performances, including a Golden Globe Award nomination. 

Melissa was married to actor Bo Brinkman in 88,' and a year later, they had Dakota Brinkman. But after, three years of his birth, they parted ways, leaving a toddler Dakota. Dakota was taken into custody by Melissa. And till date, the mother-son relationship is very good. He even starred with Melissa in Safe Harbour (2007).

Moreover, as Dakota was born into a family acting background, Dakota has a bit of pressure on his shoulder to continue their family's tradition. His grandparents were Paul Gilbert and Barbara Cowan.

Dakota Paul Brinkman

Is Dakota Paul Brinkman married?

Dakota Paul Brinkman is the husband of Marissa Brinkman. The couple got married in 2018 after seven years of romantic relationship. In 2016, Dakota proposed to Marissa on Christmas Day, and they got engaged. Furthermore, they are recently blessed with a girl child, Ripley Lou Brinkman.

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