Daniella Semaan ex-husband, Elie Taktouk, is a Chelsea property tycoon. As of now, Daniella is enjoying a great married with her husband, Ces Fabregas.  In short,  Cesc is an ace football legend from Spain who has played in big UEFA tournaments such as Euro Cup and FIFA World Cups. In addition, he has played for legendary European football clubs like Arsenal and Barcelona. 

As for his wife, Daniella Semaan, she is a social media personality who has gained over 4 million followers on her Instagram. Here we will be exploring her married life, previous relationship with her ex-husband, kids, and many more.

Daniella Semaan

How is Daniella Semaan's married life with Cesc Fabregas?

As of August 2021, Daniella is a happily married young woman. She married her boyfriend turned husband, Cesc Fabregas, in May of 2018. The duo began to date from the year 2011 onwards. The first lock their eyes at the Japanese restaurant Nozomi.  From their union, the couple is also blessed with three adorable children.

The children given by Daniella Semaan and Cesc Fabregas are Daughters (Lia b 2013) and (Capri b 2015) and son Leonardo who came into this earth in 2017.

Daniella Semaan

What is Daniella's relationship with her ex-husband, Elie Taktouk?

Before getting married to her ex-spouse, Cesc Fabregas, she was in a martial relationship with the businessman Elie Taktouk.  The ex duo married in 1998 in Lebanon. The former pair also has two children born from their wedlock. Their names are Joseph and Maria. They divorced in 2011 and closed their relationship in a court where Daniella got around £1.4 million as a properly from Ellie.

A rumor was flying around that said  Daniella dissolved her relationship because she was cheating and having an affair with Cesc. But Daniella has kept silent on the matter. However, after her divorce from Elie, she finally became her prince charming in 2011.

How were Daniella Semaan and Elie TakTouk's divorce look like?

From the reports gathered, Ellie TakTouk fainted and cried wholeheartedly for 25 minutes when the judge jailed the poor guy for ignoring the court orders. As a result, he has been jailed for seven months.

Elie Taktouk

Taktouk, who hails from Chelsea, got six counts for violating a restraining order and eight counts for contempt of court.  Furthermore, he was also claimed to have obstructed a detailed investigation into his assets after  Daniella Semaan ditched him for Spanish star soccer legend Fabregas.

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