Erana James is a rising New Zealand-born actress who gained her notoriety from Amazon Prime's drama tv series The Wilds. She played an LGQT character named Toni Shalifoe, a love interest of Shelby Goodkind, played by Mia Healey. But what about Erana James Partner in real life. Does she have a boyfriend? Please scroll down to learn more about her relationship status.

Know More : Erana James

Erana James is a member of the New Zealand aborigines tribe Maōri. As a result, she spent most of her time in the wilderness, living in a remote village of Whangarei. She stayed there with her family until the age of ten when she moved to Wellington. The city of Wellington shaped her life. She received a quality education and a career in acting. 

Erana James Partner

Who is Erana James Partner?

Erana James has remained shushed about sharing her personal and love life with the general public. But, following the rising popularity of the series The Wilds, Erana James career is also taking off like a space jet rocketship.

She, who stars in one of the lead roles in both seasons of the show, is shown as the love interest of her co-star Mia Healey. Mia plays a bisexual character named Shelby Goodkind. However, fans across the world are questioning the sexuality of both actresses and want to know whether the on-screen romance continues behind the camera. 

Erana James Partner

Once on Instagram Live, they were asked if they were dating in real life. To which Healey responded, "maybe a little bit," in a sarcastic way. That does not mean they are real-life couples. They are excellent friends, no doubt. 

Does Erana James Boyfriend exist?

Erana James Gay role in the Amazon series has caught a huge chunk of attention among movie viewers and media. But she is not gay or lesbian in real life, unlike her The Wilds co-star Mia Healey, who happens to be bisexual in real life too. 

Erana James Partner

Now talking about her relationship, there are no such rumors we could lay eyes on. Erana stays laconic about her love life. So we have a hard time fetching information about her dating history. Thus, she is probably single at the moment. Erana is not married whatsoever. We can tell you that.

The 23-year-old star is at the beginning of her long sucessful career. And she is more driven toward achieving that life goal for now and shows no interest in lovemaking. Thus we hereby wish her a very good career and also hope she finds a perfect mate. But right now, she is a single unmarried woman.

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