Glynis Barber is a versatile and celebrated African-American actress hailed from South Africa. She has gained widespread notoriety for her bold and ranged performance in various tv shows and movies. But, people are keen to learn about Glynis Barber personal life. They frequently inquire about Glynis Barber Husband current whereabouts. Is Glynis Barber still married? That is another big question. However, all these questions will be addressed in the following paragraphs.

Glynis played Fiona Brake in the British soap opera Night & Day. She was born on October 25, 1955. The native of Durban, South Africa, Barber's birth name is Glynis van der Riet. She later moved to London, England, with her parents, where she spent most of her childhood.

Glynis Barber Husband

Her mother's name was Heather Maureen, and her father, Frederick Werndly Barry van der Riet, was a local businessman. They eventually divorced when she was just five, and she was raised by her mother, who prematurely died in 1972. Glynis was 17 years old.

.Who is Glynis Barber Married to?

Glynis Barber married Michael Feldman Brandon on November 18, 1989. Michael is an American actor well recognized for his role as James Dempsey in the British crime tv drama Dempsey and Makepeace. The series in which both of them co-starred and so began their winds of love.

They started dating afterward, and after nearly three years of the love relationship, the duo was ready to take their love to a further step. Glynis and Michael married in England in November 1989. It was their second marriage for both of them after the first one went down the drain. The two share a boy child together.

Glynis Barber Husband

Who was Glynis Barber Husband?

In 1976, when Glynis was just 21, she tied the wedding knot with her drama school roommate Paul Antony Barber. He is popular for British television shows like House of Anubis, Striking Out, etc. The duo met at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts during their drama school and hit off immediately.

Soon in 76', they were married but only lasted 3 years. The year 1979 was followed by their divorce and Glynis finding a new love interest. She was in a relationship with co-star Steven Pacey during the production of Blake's 7.

Glynis Barber Husband

How is Glynis Barber acting career?

Glynis Barber began her acting career in 1978 with the British sci-fi series Blake's 7. She also made her cinematic debut the same year as Carol Tucker in the horror thriller Terror. She gradually gained traction in her profession, acting in a variety of films and television series. Claire in Déjà Vu, Soolin in Blake's 7, Glenda Mitchell in EastEnders, and others are among her notable roles.

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