Almost every parent wants to give their children the best life has to offer. Only the devil desires complete abomination for their kids. Let us begin with a question in that context. What would you do if your daughter approached you and asked if she could be an adult movie star? Would you allow it? Hold your thoughts because today, we will discuss the relationship between Eddie Brogdon and Leah Gotti in a similar context.

Know More about the life of Leah Gotti's father : Eddie Brogdon

Raegan Brogdon goes by Leah Gotti; you might recognize her as a young popular adult movie star. Gotti was also a former pornographic film actress, appearing in over 70 adult movies. She has worked with many famous adult movie production houses.

Know More about the life of : Raegan Brogdon

Meanwhile, her father, Eddie Brogdon, who is also now among the most searched celebrity father on the internet, did approve of all this? How was his reaction? Let's break down their relationship and find out.

Eddie Brogdon and Leah Gotti

Is Eddie supportive of Leah's career choice?

Surprisingly, her father, Eddie Brogdon, never let her down. He is very supportive of Leah and allowed her all the freedom she beholds. It did not make him think any less of her. Although Eddie is not out much in the public and media speaking on these things, as a father, he has always respected Leah's choice of being an adult movie star. 

For some, it can be a long debate, about whether parents should allow their children, both son and daughter to be a part of the porn industry. And you can see people are very diverse. They have their own opinions and perspective about seeing things. Some parents are fine with it, they believe everyone should have free will to decide their life and career but some may disagree. 

Eddie Brogdon and Leah Gotti

When did Leah Gotti quit the adult film industry?

Leah was doing modeling and hosting shows in bars before venturing into the adult industry. She used to work at Dallas Entourage bar, where Crown Plazas owner scouted her. After nearly two years in the industry and over 70 porn films, Leah chose to leave the adult film industry in 2017.

During her brief career as a porn actress, she amassed considerable wealth and global fame. Leah mentioned that she wants to devote more time to her studies and career addressing her retirement. 

Eddie Brogdon and Leah Gotti

Who is Leah Gotti?

Leah Gotti was born Raegan Brogdon on October 4, 1997, in her father's hometown Sherman, Texas, the United States. Before she was popular with her name Leah Gotti, she had another nickname, Fiona. The 24-year-old former porn actress was born to her father, Eddie Brogdon, and mother, Rhonda Brogdon

Leah worked as an erotic model under Fiona's identity in several sessions. When she turned eighteen, she changed her stage name to Leah Gotti. Raegan eventually chose to become a pornographic actor and was introduced to Rob Simyar, the proprietor of the adult website FTV Girls.

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