It is quite interesting to know about Kevin Wenstob age because Wenstob looks very old to be transporting those timbers, according to some audiences. He has been very much researched, and fans want to know more about his age and ethnicity. Apart from this, he looks a little Asian, which is also a topic of interest for many viewers.

The owner of wenstob Timber, Kevin, recently stole the limelight with the new show ‘Big Timber.’ The program follows Kevin Wenstob and his team as they try to transport tons of timber that they have obtained from Canada's Klitsa Mountain. In addition to being available on Netflix, it is broadcasted on the Canadian History channel. Audiences really have found this show interesting. Stick to this article to know more about Kevin Wenstob age and ethnicity.

Kevin Wenstob Age

How Old is Kevin Wenstob?

Kevin Wenstob age is a very interesting topic to many viewers, but Kevin is a very private person. He values his privacy more than anything. His age is not revealed on the internet, but some sources claim he must be around 65 years old. However, there is no evidence stating he is of that age. Some sources have different ideas regarding his age; his actual age is still a mystery.

Know More : Kevin Wenstob

Kevin doesn't say anything when reporters inquire about his personal life. He subtly avoids the media when he is questioned about his personal details. He comes across as a very private individual. Kevin has succeeded in keeping his personal information a secret despite the attention he receives due to his dedication and his show. As a result, none of his personal information is fully disclosed to the media.

Kevin Wenstob Age

What is Kevin Ethnicity?

Kevin is a native American, but his birthplace is unknown to the media. His ethnicity is also a secret, but many sources claim that he is of Caucasian ancestry. There is no concrete evidence supporting that Kevin belongs to Caucasian ancestry. Details about his early life are nowhere on the internet, and no other personal information is available too. 

Kevin Wenstob Age

As mentioned earlier, Kevin seems to place a high value on his privacy. When the media asks for his personal information, he rarely talks to them. Even though his works have gained him a lot of attention, he has successfully kept his personal life out of the public eye. As a result, we are unable to know Kevin's ethnicity.

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