American weather expert, Television host, and prognosticator Sheena Parveen works as a meteorologist for NBC7 San Diego and has been with the station for four years since October 2018. She has also served as a weather forecaster for various TV programs, including WCTV and WTVT. People are curious to know the gorgeous-looking Sheena Parveen's age and ethnicity.

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After finishing her internship, she began working as a journalist for WCTV, where she used to offer environmental news. Currently, Parveen works as the morning forecaster for NBC 7 News Today and NBC 7 News Midday during the workweek. She has predicted and reported on everything throughout her career, including cyclones, hurricanes, and snowstorms. 

Sheena Parveen Age

How Old Is Sheena Parveen? Meteorologist Sheena Parveen Age in 2022

Sheena Parveen's age is 34 years, and she will soon turn 35 this September. She was born in India on September 23, 1987, with a sun sign Libra. And like every year, she will celebrate her birthday on September 23 with a grand celebration along with her friends and family. No doubt about that.

For her knowledge of construction, she attended Florida State University. She graduated after completing her studies in meteorology. Sheena then served as an intern at Tallahassee News, where she gained further expertise.


Sheena Parveen Age

She worked there for a few years until leaving in November 2009 at age 22 to serve as a weather forecaster for WTVT. When she was 25, Parveen relocated to the north in 2012 to begin toiling as a dusk meteorologist for NBC10 in Philadelphia.

She remained there for the next five years. Moreover, the broadcast meteorologist got a paddleboard from San Diego and had it transported across the nation because Philadelphia was a tough place to locate for water activities, which according to her, was the best decision of her life. “Sheena’s education, training and experience make her a top meteorologist," said Greg Dawson

What is Sheena Parveen Ethnicity? Native American Or Indian

The 34-year-old weather broadcaster Sheena Parveen's ethnicity is the union of a few. She is half Indian and half American as her mother, Sherry Parveen, was from the United States, and her father, Mike Parveen, is an Indian descendant.  

Sheena Parveen Age

Moreover, she is a follower of the Hindu religion. Sheena was born into a happy household to her mother, who runs a real estate company, and Mike Parveen, her father, is a computer programmer. Her parents brought up Parveen alongside her unnamed sibling. She was fascinated with the sky and the weather movements when she was little.

After graduating from college, Parveen started her meteorological on-air experience with WCTV in Tallahassee before transferring to Fox13 in Tampa. After enjoying her life in Florida, she was ready to change.

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