Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis are an item in WWE. They are pair, and their love affair has made WWE NXT a must-see show in recent memory. In the following article, we will be exploring the couple's relationship and many more aspects of their life.

In short, both Indi and Dexter are professional wrestlers. Indi Hartwell made her WWE NXT debut in November 2019, while her fiance Dexter Lumis is also a professional wrestler who made his professional WWE NXT debut in March 2019.

Indi Hartwell

Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis Relationship

Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis' dating status has currently been a hot issue. But examing their relationship, it is assumed that their relationship could be started in the year 2019. This was the year when both Indi and Dexter debuted for the  WWE in its NXT division.

Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis

Apart from their relationship with one another, Indi and Dexter's past love affairs and relationship are not unknown. Nonetheless, the duo is enjoying each other company.

Indi Hartwell proposed Dexter Lumis during a WWE NXT match

In 2021,  Indi Hartwell proposes to the wrestler Dexter Lumis after the duo won the match on the NXT.  In the match, she, alongside Dexter, defeated Jessi Kamea and Robert Stone.

Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis

After the match, she bent on one knee to propose Dexter.  Dexter finally accepted her proposal. The lovebirds are planning to get married pretty soon in the future. But they have not disclosed as of now.

Their Proposal Reaction By Fans

In WWE NXT rosters, Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis's relationship has been widely appreciated by many wrestlers, both male and female. After Indi proposed to her boyfriend, Dexter Lumis, many fans were happy and excited about their relationship developing something special after their match. As such, the duo's love life and Indi Hartwell's proposal to Dexter have met with positive reactions with WWE fans.

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