If beauty and lifestyle are something that drives you, then Boho Beautiful could be your favorite yoga lifestyle channel on Youtube. Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk founded the channel, now a brand, in 2016. However, people are finding it hard to believe her insanely fit body. They are arguing over the Boho Beautiful Juliana plastic surgery rumor. Is it true? 

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Yoga instructor Juliana Spicoluk is the co-founder of Boho Beautiful, a lifestyle business she operates with her husband Mark from their newfound home in Costa Rica. Spicoluk, a former acrobat born in Russia but raised in Canada, started practicing yoga after suffering an injury while competing. She just gave birth to a child, now a year and a half old.

boho beautiful juliana plastic surgery

Soon after the launch of Boho Beautiful, the pair started to reign over the internet as a fitness couple. Spicoluk began to gain serious followers on her social media, and many people are fond of her soothing voice and incredible yoga techniques.

Images from Before and after boho beautiful Juliana plastic surgery 

Despite all the popularity and goodwill, people always get dragged down by some individuals who want to rip off all their fame and achievement from them. A fuzz surrounds Juliana Spicoluk among internet people that all those heavenly body figures of her are, in fact, implants she has after plastic surgery.

boho beautiful juliana plastic surgery

Although the 32-year-old beauty has not addressed anything to the rumor, the rumor itself is groundless. Not everyone is Kardashian; every fit person with an amazing body uses plastic surgery. 

Yoga and Meditation are Spicoluk's two key factors of healthy life. She has kept her physique in shape via yoga, pilates, a healthy vegetarian diet, and many other activities. The YouTuber cares as much about her mental well-being as she does about keeping her physique in shape. She claims that spirituality and meditation have improved her mental state.

Boho Beautiful Yoga Has 2.53 Million Subscribers On YouTube

With millions of views on their Boho Beautiful Yoga YouTube videos, Boho Beautiful currently has over 2.5 million subscribers to their BOHO Beautiful YouTube channel. 

boho beautiful juliana plastic surgery

And over 300 free yoga lessons and five unique specials have been released under the Boho Beautiful brand since the channel's introduction on YouTube in 2016. Additionally, they have their own independently produced Happy Healthy Plant-Based Eating Guide and a unique membership app/streaming platform.

According to Juliana Spicoluk, her main emphasis is on people's physical and mental well-being. The positive content on her videos makes people's minds relax and calm. Additionally, they encourage people to consume healthy vegan food and practice conscious living.

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