Breland Emory is a renowned American YouTuber who goes by her moniker glitterforever17 on Youtube. Besides, she has participated in fashion events and done modeling. However, her disciples are worried about her marriage and are wondering, " is Breland still married to Slava ".

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It appears Breland has not posted a single video for the past two years. Her last video on Youtube on December 14, 2019, titled "Reacting To My Old Cringy Videos," got 1.4K likes and 49.4K views. Since then, Youtube has never heard of her neither did her followers.

Is Breland still married to Slava

Is Breland Emory Married?

Breland Emory married Slava Avdeev on July 17, 2017. And as of now, no word of their breakup or divorce has emerged on the internet, implying that they are still married and living together. Besides, the pair appeared to be content and enjoying their time together. Her admirers, whom she refers to as Glitter Critters, appreciate them.

They started dating somewhere in 2015 and announced their engagement in early 2016. Emory posted a video on her channel entitled "I'm Officially Engaged!" revealing to her buffs that she was engaged to Slava. 

Is Breland still married to Slava

The pair have been together for more than five years, and their love grows stronger by the day. Aside from that, they have no children yet. Besides, she once pranked her husband, Slava, by faking her pregnancy. Besides, Emory also has an OnlyFans account.

In addition, peddling back to her dating history, she was once in a long-term relationship with a guy named David. She has not unveiled much information about him. They dated for ten years before splitting up a few months before their engagement. It is said that Breland cheated on David with her current husband, Slava.

Breland Emory aka "glitterforever17" Controversies on Youtube

Breland had so many feuds with Youtube, and she frequently ends up in the mud of controversies. It could be a good reason why she is not on Youtube anymore. Amid disputes, she abandoned her Youtube channel, which has 3.06 million subscribers. 

Despite having a reputation as a child-friendly YouTuber, some of her videos featured mature content, including periods, blood, and pregnancy. One such instance is a Shane Dawson collaborative video on June 25, 2016, which has amassed 2.6 million views, titled "DIY Shane Dawson EOS Lip Balm," in which she takes out a razor and cuts off Shane's nipple.

Furthermore, glitterforever17 attracted controversy for her dubious feeds on the streaming service Younow, where she consumed alcohol and grew inebriated, arguing with fans, calling them names, and using foul language.

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