Christi Paul is an anchor and author who worked as the CNN New Day weekend anchor and HLN anchor. She is also popular for her book 'Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt,' published in 2012. The book is full of her life story about her relationship with her ex-husband. Because of her popularity through anchoring, everyone is interested in Christi Paul Married life and relationship.

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Once Miss Mansfield (Ohio), Miss Greater Cleveland (1991–1992), and the 1993 Miss Ohio third runner-up, Christi sure is popular among various men and women. She had run for the title to succeeding Robin Meade, the 1992 champion and her CNN coworker. Read more about Christi Paul and her wedding.

Christi Paul Married

Is Christi Paul Married?

Christi Paul married twice, and she is the mother of three kids. Now she lives with her second husband Peter Wurm, whom she married 20 years ago. She is known for her book, where she portrays the story of women. Everyone guesses that the story is about her former marriage to her husband. Due to the domestic abuse, she and her ex-husband were separated.

Christi Paul Married

She is now enjoying her days with her second husband and her children, and she posted her memories with them on social media. She is always an inspiring woman who inspires others through anchoring and social media. She usually posts inspirational quotes and positive messages on her Instagram profile. She left CNN's New Day, but she now motivates people through podcasts and social media.

Who is her husband?

Christi previously wed Rob Koebel, a fellow news anchor whom she met in West Virginia, but the relationship didn't last. However, the couple broke up because Rob was addicted to alcohol and physically and verbally abused her. Christi spoke about her ex-husband in her memoir "Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt" but covered his identity. The book was one of the twenty best-selling novels on Amazon because the public loved her storytelling and related to Christi Paul Married life. 

Christi Paul Married

Her current husband appears to work in a profession unrelated to media and entertainment. Christi Paul and Peter Wurm exchanged vows as husband and wife in 2003. Peter Herum got a name in public after being married to Christi Paul. They have three daughters and have lived together for over 20 years. Nothing further about her marriage has been revealed. She must appreciate and cherish her personal life. The lovely is the parent of three girls Ava, Sofie, and Bianca Paul. Christi and her husband are living with her children while enjoying their life. Christi Paul Married life is going well, and she has a healthy relationship. 

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