It happens all the time and is yet another of the same story. An actor played a queer character in a play, and you know the rest. The people and the internet go full-on detective mode to determine whether the actor is homosexual in real life. I don't think it's acceptable to speculate on another person's real-life sexuality, especially in this sub. But here we are. Today we will debunk Erana James Gay role in the series The Wilds.

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Furthermore, we will also clarify whether or not she is gay in real life and provide more details on Erana James sexuality. If you go to the internet and search right now, most articles and websites have already stated her as a heterosexual. Still, people find it hard to believe. And even if she is gay, there is nothing wrong with it or to be ashamed of. It's her choice.

Erana James Gay

Let's start with her short intro first. Erana James was born on February 17, 1999, in Whangarei, New Zealand. She belongs to the indigenous New Zealand tribe Maōri. Erana grew up on farmland but later moved to Wellington when she was 10.

However, We have no specific details about her parents except their identity. Her father's name is Kevin Waki James, and her mother's name is Jackie James. Similarly, Erana has a brother named Ethan James.

Erana James Gay

Is Erana James Gay?

Now coming to the main topic for which you are here, she is not homosexual as far as we know. We concluded that Erana James Sexuality is fairly straight from all the research. However, Erana has not given any statement regarding this topic, and she need not either. It is painful to imagine how queasy it must be to have strangers debate whether you like boys or girls. Besides, Erana is not gay or homosexual. This article should put this conundrum to rest now.

In which show did Erana James portray an LGBT role?

The 23-year-old young actress Erana James played the role of Toni Shalifoe in Amazon Prime's drama series The Wilds. And because Toni Shalifoe is a queer character who has an onscreen love relationship with a female character named Shelby Goodkind, played by actress Mia Healey.

Erana James Gay

But fans are speculative about the two actresses' relationship off-screen. They are wondering whether they're actually dating in real life. It is shameful that people cannot watch or enjoy a movie or show without creating nuisance fanfic and fuss.

Talking about her other roles, Erana has played in a handful of movies and tv shows. In 2015, she made her acting debut as Bria in Sons of Liars. Likewise, Erana has also starred in Southland's HomeGolden Boy, etc.

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