Robert Kenneth Wilfort is an astounding wales actor who has been spotlighted in the media after his role as Jason West in Gavin & Stacey. It is always interesting to know about a celebrity's personal life. Similarly, this gossip, we will discuss whether Robert Wilfort married or not. It is a topic of curiosity to many Bridgeton fans and other audiences.

Robert rose to fame after releasing the 2022 film Plebs: Soldiers of Rome. He also has an upcoming series, The Confession of Frannie Langton, where he will play DR. Wilkes. The audience is really looking forward to seeing Robert there. Robert is also famous for his amazing acting work in movies and TV Series like Save the Cinema, Sex Education, Miss Scarlet, Duke, etc.

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Robert Wilfort Married

He played the role of Mr. Finch in Bridgeton’s season two and has been in the limelight since then. After Bridgeton, Robert is rumored to be dating the stunning Harriet Cains. Harriet played Philipa Featherington in the series, who happens to be Robert’s wife on-screen. After seeing them together on-screen, they are reportedly dating in real life. Continue reading to find out whether Robert Wilfort is married or not. 

Are rumors about Robert and Harriet true?

Despite working on set and being nice to each other, Robert and Harriet are not romantically together. Red carpet appearances on numerous occasions gave viewers the impression that they may be dating. Because they frequently paired up during interviews and promotions of Bridgeton, they were rumored. As they appeared in the series and were seen together behind the scenes, Bridgeton fans believed they were dating.

Robert Wilfort Married

Fans loved them on the set very much and wanted them to date in real life. But those rumors are not true, and they are not dating each other. There are no such statements given by the actors confirming their relationship. Harriet does not like discussing her romantic life in the media. Therefore, these Bridgeton cast members are not dating each other.

Is Robert Wilfort Married?

Robert is possibly single, and there is no information about his partner on the internet. He is also unmarried and has no plans of having kids anytime soon. He looks very career-focused even now after having a successful career in the entertainment industry. His net worth is about 1.5 million USD. Robert is 45 years old and still working very hard to entertain his audience.

Robert Wilfort Married

Robert seems very private and does not disclose his private information at all. He avoids media as much as he can and does not post things on social media about his personal life. Whenever he is questioned about his wife, he always remains silent. Therefore, the media does not know if Robert is married. 

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