The famous British actor, musician, and model Jamie Dornan has three adorable daughters whom he shares with her girlfriend turned wife Amelia Warner. Jamie and his wife have been living a happy life in Notting Hill, London, England with her daughters. Let's dig into this article to know about their names and to know whether Jamie has a son or not.

Jamie Dornan

Who is Jamie Dornan?

Jamie Dornan is a British famous actor, musician, and model who is currently living with his family in Notting Hill, London, England. He is in a marriage relationship with Amelia Warner since 2013. Amelia Warner is also an actress and musician. The couple met each other in 2010.

And they got engaged in 2012. After that, on 13 April 2013, they tight a marriage knot happily in front of their parents, relatives, and friends. 

Jamie Dornan

How many kids does Jamie Dornan share with his wife?

The popular actor Jamie Dornan shares three daughters with her wife Amelia. After seven months of their marriage, Jamie's wife Amelia gave birth to their first child on November 21, 2013. The couple named her Dulcie Dornan. Not long after, they welcomed their second child named Elva Dornan. Jamie Dornan Elva Dornan came to this world on February 16, 2016.

Jamie Dornan

 On November 17, 2019, another Jamie Dornan daughter was born whose name is Alberta Dornan. Jamie and his wife always wanted their daughter to be happy so they always try to make them from the public eyes and they have even resided to Cotswold to provide a healthy and normal environment for their kids.

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Does Jamie Dornan have a son?

No, Jamie Dornan doesn't have a son. As of December 2021, Jamie Dornan's wife has not given birth to any child after their third daughter which means the couple have only three daughters and does not have a son. And no public sources have mentioned that they have a son. Moreover, there is also no information that Jamie's wife is expecting a baby.

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