Jessica Tarlov is an American television personality and political strategist. A political strategist or consultant is a senior political adviser who advocates for the election of particular candidates or the interests of specific organizations. And just like many are unfamiliar with her job, most people have no idea who Jessica Tarlov's Husband is. 

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She is a political advisor and strategist from the United States who regularly appears on Fox News. And her primary job is to formulate plans and policies. She serves as the executive leader of marketing studies and consumer insights for the Bustle Digital Group. Tarlov, born in New York, was raised by affluent parents. She pursued her studies at Bryn Mawr College and graduated with a BA in history.

Jessica Tarlov  Husband

Who is Jessica Tarlov Husband?

Jessica Tarlov is blissfully married to Canadian documentary film director Brian Mckenna. They have a daughter named Cleo Markie Mckenna. The evidence indicates that Jessica and Brian have seen each other since 2019.

Moreover, the couple disguised their romance for about a year and a half before revealing their engagement in 2020. Their engagement news came as a shock to the whole media landscape following the statement made by Fox's tv host. 

Jessica Tarlov  Husband

When are they married?

Through numerous highs and lows, Tarlov won her heart. And in 2021, Jessica Tarlov and Brian McKenna will finally see their weddings. The two exchanged vows and planned a religious wedding ceremony in front of their loved ones, relatives and friends.

Before her relationship with Brian, she married the Russian Taekwondo heavyweight champion, Roman Vladimirovich Kuznetsov. He finished third in the heavyweight class at the 2017 World Taekwondo Championships. They split up in 2018.

Does Jessica Tarlov have any kids?

The 38-year-old Fox News personality Jessica unintentionally discloses her pregnancy on air. In March 2021, Jessica Tarlov made her official pregnancy announcement. She used to post images of her enlarging baby bump and pregnancy phase on Twitter as she does not have an Instgram account. However, the news of her delivery did not surface; thus, we have no idea when the baby was born.

Jessica Tarlov  Husband

Who are Jessica Tarlov Parents?

Jessica Tarlov was born on August 14, 1989, in Manhattan, New York, the United States, to American parents Judy Roberts (mother) and Mark Tarlov (father). They both are connected to the entertainment industry.

Films like Temptation, Undermind, and Simply Irresistible were all produced and directed by her father, Mark. He is a notable producer and filmmaker. Meanwhile, her mother, Judy, is a producer and screenwriter. And also a well-reputed actress, Molly Tarlov, is Jessica's younger sister. She portrayed Sadie Saxton in the MTV series Awkward.

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