Joe Mantegna is a successful American actor, writer, filmmaker, voice actor, and director. He is mostly honored for his work in a list of movies like The Godfather Part III, Baby's Day Out, Cars 2, Justice League: The New Frontier, etc., and Television shows such as Criminal Minds, The Simpsons, Soap, and more. The 73 years old actor Joe has been active in the industry since the late 60s and has contributed to uncountable filmographies. And the hard work is compensated by good earnings, of course. So today, our discussion will be mostly focused on Joe Mantegna Net Worth and his earnings.

Joe Mantegna

How did Joe Mantegna start his career in acting?

Born on November 13, 1947, as Joseph Anthony Mantegna, Joe Mantegna was raised in Chicago, Illinois, the United States. Mantegna was born in a Catholic family. Their parents were from Italy and moved to America long ago. Joseph Henry Mantegna, his father, was an Insurance agent, whereas his mother, Mary Ann worked as a shipping clerk in Italy before they moved to the US. 

Joe joined Goodman School of Drama and graduated in theatre arts. Thus, he kicks started his journey as a photographer. Later, he got an opportunity to star in the theatre film Hair in 1969. After a few stage performances, Mantegna was cast in the 1977 short film Medusa Challenger.

However, his major cinematic debut was in the 1980 sitcom Soap, where he played the role of Juan One. Furthermore, Mantegna has now shifted his niche to production and direction in recent times. He directed the popular series Criminal Minds for nine episodes.

Joe Mantegna

What is Joe Mantegna Net Worth?

As a multi-professionalist, Joe Mantegna has worked as an actor, voice actor, and, more recently, as a producer and director. Thus, Mantegna has garnered a big fortune from the showbiz profession. His estimated net worth is projected to be $25 million as early 2022. 

In addition, Mantegna is among the highest-paid Television star and an in-demand celebrity in the industry. As a result, his salary is also pretty heavy, ranging from $100 thousand to $150 thousand per episode. Moreover, it is revealed that Joe was compensated $130,000 per episode for his work in Criminal Minds.

Where does Joe Mantegna live now?

Joe Mantegna is Arlene Vrhel Husband. The couple was married at a private wedding ceremony on October 3, 1975. Besides, Joe and Arlene Vrhel have been together for almost 50 years now. In addition, the duo has been bestowed with two beautiful kids, Gia and Mia.

Joe Mantegna

The family lives in a mansion in Hollywood Hills, which Joe bought in 2018 for $1.3 million. Before that, Joe and Arlene lived in a $1.58 million house in Toluca Lake, LA. Mantegna purchased the house in 1991, and the blissful family lived there for 30 years before moving to Hollywood Hills.

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